What about You? (Sunday Quick Questions #43!)

We answer ‘quick questions’ here on I Tripped Over a Stone on Sundays.


Because… I blog. I get sick of me. I want to hear from you!

Don’t think, just answer!

  1. Why do you think friends are important?
  2. What realistic advice do you give someone you care about when times are tough for them?
  3. What are Sundays like at your house?


  1. Friends allow you to get out of your own head! The unique thing about friends is, they don’t have to love you, they don’t have to take time for you, they don’t have to do anything with or for you… they CHOOSE to.
  2. The truth. Life is hard! But you are strong.
  3. We move RV parks every other Sunday. On our Sunday off, we cook, watch Joel, and play a board game. We always cook a special dinner on our Sundays off!


28 thoughts on “What about You? (Sunday Quick Questions #43!)

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  1. 1. Yes and no. I nicked my dad’s phrase ‘always hunt alone’ – although he meant it re business. I have a couple of good friends. That’s enough.
    2. Not sure. It depends on what it is.
    3. Watching The Arsenal on TV when they are playing and composing music. It’s a dead day but not as dead as it can be in France where everything shuts down on Sundays.

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    1. Hi George! Oooohhh…. I’d have nicked that phrase too! I like it. I agree, a couple of good friends is all you need. Not sure about advice giving. That’s OK! Things are closed in France on Sunday? I really like that. Sunday’s should be quiet… USA is open 24/7! Tiring. I’m not sure if watching an Arsenal game would be considered ‘quiet’… I think not! 😊 thanks George!

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  2. You can choose them as they say, though my son says you can also choose which family you want to bother with! Talking is probably the most important thing you do with friends, whether going round for coffee or hiking round the world with them. I prefer the former; why spoil a good friendship by going on holiday with them!
    My mother always says these things happen for the best, but I don’t think that is true! ‘You couldn’t have done more… you did the right thing’ covers quite a few hard times.
    Quiet usually, go for a walk. If we’ve had visitors staying this is usually the day they are leaving, so there is a whirlwind followed by relief!
    If you move to a new park every fortnight Kim is that the rules or just what you like to do? I love the idea of having a special middle Sunday.

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    1. Janet! I think you’ve somehow managed to read my mind! From across the pond we have Janet the mystic!!!
      I ruined a very close friendship by vacationing with her… or she ruined our friendship. 50/50 I guess! Should have stuck to coffees. I like the advise that ‘you couldn’t have done more.’ That really resonates with me. As for Sunday’s, I do love quiet Sunday’s. We move because that’s all that we are allowed, two weeks in a park system we joined and paid a membership for. Then we must be 1 week out of that system. This works for us! I enjoy moving sites. Plus everything gets cleaned up, put in its proper place, and new adventures await! Every RVer is different. This was just the way we chose to start. Thanks Janet! 😊💜

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  3. It’s not the right moment to ask. I don’t fucking know. Two stood me up so badly recently that I still wonder.

    Hang in there. You can do this. You’re stronger than you think.

    Going out for a walk and coffee, lunch at home, nap for some-movie time for others, work, dinner, play

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      1. It was B’s birthday party and they didn’t show up. Didn’t even call to apologize. So I did because I got worried. They said, But there are other people, right? No, I said. Just you.
        I cooked dinner, had a cake. He was so disappointed, Kim, it still hurts when I think about it. Pure selfishness, nth else.

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  4. Friends are great listeners and offer hugs when needed. Sometimes when they get together they go quilt shop hopping.
    My greatest advice is
    Chin up tits to the wind. You can do this
    Sunday’s are just a day. Nothing exciting happens.
    When I was growing up it was chicken and mashed potatoes while we watched the wonderful world of Disney (is that the right name?)

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    1. You sound like a great friend, hopping to quilt shops to and fro! You have an extended version of good advise, I usually just say, ‘tits up!’ Now ican use the entire phrase, wind and all! HA! Your Sundays sound like mine growing up. Yes, the Wonderful World of Disney!!! Greatest TV program EVER.


  5. Humans are made for connection and love. We rely on it, even the most introverted of us. Friends allow us to see the world through someone else’s eyes. They allow us to step away from our own lenses and fingers and appreciate others’. It’s truly a gift and a special kind of chosen connection that’s invaluable.

    2. I think advice is overrated! So are all those cookie cutter things people say to others during hard times. I listen, be there, and I’m a realist so I tell the truth!

    3. Cleaning the house. Getting outside with the family if possible. Maybe a movie or puzzle or euchre of all four of us are home. Reading a book for a while with a cup of coffee. Cooking dinner. I treasure Sundays that aren’t super busy! I need a little slice of time at the end of the week to recharge a bit.

    Thank you, Kim! I enjoyed reading all the answers.

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  6. Friends provide you with different opinions, perspectives and information. They are there to support you during rough times and celebrate your life wins. Friends are invaluable to my life. The mistake we often make is the expectation that they are all forever when indeed some are here for a reason and a season. We need to accept that and not allow it to deter us.
    2- I am a very logical and rational person. I am positive and try to find the good in everything. I tell them that they aren’t alone and they will get through the rough times and be stronger for it.
    3- Sunday is a laid back day at home most of the time. Though we often grocery shop, food prep, and get ready for the week at school.

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    1. Definitely a reason! Seasons change. I agree! Sometimes the best thing is logic. I like the way you support someone. It is great to food prep for the week! I too, get that done Sunday’s. It’s nice when you can do it at a laid back pace! Thank you so much, Patty!😊💫


  7. 1. Because no one wants to have to move a hot tub alone.

    2. “Drink beer, my friend. Lots of beer.”*

    3. I wake early, before the sun, and pour a long, dark cup of coffee. Then, I check in on my social media (including WP). After 3 or 4 hot cups of java I take the boys out, scoop some poop, and then hit the shower. Off to church. I sit with friends at church, drink lots of beer, and talk about moving hot tubs. After a bit we go our separate ways. If it is, then, the fall or early winter I watch the Rams play while Mrs C makes us lunch and the dogs (a) dance with me as the Rams win, or (b) hide from me because I am screaming at the picture box. Then I get some chores done. If it is not fall or early winter I go immediately to the chores and get more of them done than I do in the fall or early winter. For dinner one or both of us make enough to have leftovers for a few days because no one wants to cook on Monday.

    *I’m not one to give advice, though I used to be that guy. In fact, when I was young, everyone came to me for advice because I was wise. No one ever took my advice, though, so I started saying “this is what you should do to correct this and feel better but you’re going to do this instead because you’re human and no one who gets themselves into these messes really wants to get out of them.” Over time, people stopped asking me for advice so now I just say “Drink beer, my friend. Lots of beer,” and it works. 🙂

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    1. We got rid of quite a few friends… who wanted us to help them move hot tubs! 😆😆😆
      Drinking beer helps solve the worlds problems!
      I like your Sunday’s! (You are so thorough!)

      The advice issue… when I was in my twenty’s… two thousand years ago, I knew it all! I wish I knew now what I THOUGHT I did then!🙄 I was in the ‘helping’ profession for years… no one listened. Then I started carrying cuffs and put people in jail when they didn’t listen, much better.
      I would definitely come to you for advice brother Tom! The truth, or ‘drink lots of beer’ would work for me!
      Donner out!

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  8. 1 – Well, it depends on the friend. If you’ve ever read the poem Reason, Season, or Lifetime That is my feelings about why friends come into our lives and why they are important. “it is said that love is blind, but friendship is clairvoyant”
    2 – That depends on the circumstance. Often there is no real advice you can give someone, all you can do is just listen. I don’t tell them that is will all be okay, because it often won’t be, but I do tell them that I would take away the pain if I could and to try to take it moment by moment. My biggest piece of advice everything changes, that is the one constant in this life, everything changes.
    3 – We have breakfast with Dad most every Sunday (that’s Stuart’s father). Then we do stuff, since we bought the house we’ve been running errands to get things we need, we often go grocery shopping, we often do chores around the house, sometimes we just veg out. Yesterday we had breakfast, went to the drug store, the dispensary, to a used furniture store, to Ulta, then back home, put together drawers for my art table, did laundry, and watched old Vincent Price movies. That’s a typical Sunday. That sounds like a lot, but really I didn’t do that much, Stuart did the laundry, and put most of the drawers together…eh no wonder I have to recover on Monday, and Tuesday… I live for my weekends.

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    1. I just learned about the reason, and friend seasons. I really like that! The ‘friends are clairvoyant’ is spooky! I believe that! Advice, I agree, it may not be ok. Taking away the pain, if only we could. That’s great support for tough times. Wow! Your Sunday’s are busy! Recovery time is definitely a must. I think it’s great you have breakfast with Dad. Stuart and you are good people. Thanks Wen!😊💝


  9. 1. Friends allow each other to express themselves in ways that others may not……….you can say what you need and you know they will still love you
    2. That I am here for them and life can be very unfair
    3. Mostly taking care of household chores and taking kids where they need to be.

    Love your questions Kim…….

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