The Time to Pause

Recently, I returned to blogging after a short hiatus. While I was absent from blogging, the coronavirus enveloped the country… the world, in fact. People are unemployed, losing their homes, having a difficult time even maintaining the essential home grocery and cleaning items. The saddest part, people are dying.

Does anyone know what to do?

Are you busy cleaning closets, working out, and eating better? Isn’t that what you have said you’d do if ever you had the “time?” Did you complete that masterpiece you claimed you would because you are now at home? You may be working from home… and the kids are home with you… how is that working for you?

I believe we must be careful what we wish for!

This is the first time, in many of our lives, that a national quarantine has been made law for the American people. This is a ‘time to pause.’ This is a time to take stock of our world. The impact we have on it. The steps we may consider to make different choices in our lives very soon. Dare I say the time to pause could be a renaissance of sorts?

Dare I say? 

I want to impress the need for normalcy has not escaped us. Soon, there will be a media blitz pressuring us to do just that. Return to normal. What was your normal? What was mine? Do we want to make that normal relevant in our future? Is it even right to do that? Repeat the past?

I don’t have the answers. I just know I am taking this opportunity to pause and contemplate what I want to be present in my future…

I invite you to do the same.



27 thoughts on “The Time to Pause

  1. Although things are bad and tragic for many families, it also feels like a holiday, everything is lovely and quiet, the garden is full of birds singing and the air is sweet. I know people have to go to work and we want to visit others, but it is great having all that traffic off the roads. I wonder if lots of people could carry on working from home and can we look at children’s education in a different way?

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  2. Fortunately I am still employed, working from home about 80% of the time. I work for a local government and we are currently our phased return to the office and what our “new normal” looks like there.

    I find myself thankful I was already a homebody who enjoyed walks in the neighborhood and cooking at home. What I am missing the most is being able to travel and see my mom, and to be in the same room with people. Having a Skype or Zoom meeting just is not the same!

    Take care, Kim!! ❤️

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    • It will be very interesting hearing about the office parameters in your “new normal” work space. This time of quarantine will pass, hopefully slowly and carefully. We are not meant to isolate from family and friends. We are social creatures. The social aspect of gathering will more than likely take on new significance. Maybe cell phone use will decline when we are with the ones we love? Take good care Cynthia!😊💝

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  3. We all need to take a pause from time to time! I usually step away from my blog for a month or so at least once a year and come back when I start missing it. I never want it to feel like work.

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  4. It’s sounds crazy, but I think there are a lot of positive things coming our of this enforced isolation, and one of them is exactly as you say, an opportunity to pause. My little bubble hasn’t changed much, but I feel the changes in the world so keenly and I can’t help but reflect and think about what it means for the future of the planet, and how we are being given choices we didn’t know we had, or couldn’t see anyway. This unprecedented time can lead us in so many directions, both personally and globally. Most definitely a time to pause. Thank you for this post, KIm!

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  5. Well said. I feel like I’m still chasing my tail and playing catch-up because I keep getting hit with more health problems that take me back so many steps. By the time I’m ready and prepared to pause, readjust, to try to get back in to some hobbies and all that jazz that’s being talked about during lockdown.. the virus will be over & it’ll be everyone pushing to get back to some sense of normality 😂
    Stay safe, Kim xx

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