What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #47)

We are back to Sunday Quick Questions! After a 60 day hiatus, I am pleased to once again offer “What About You?”

This will be a special quarantine question edition this week…

Let us see how it goes!


  1. During this pandemic, are you binging any new shows you would recommend?
  2. In the last 30 days, I was not able to get any ______ or ______.
  3. What is the meaning of this childhood rhyme?

Three little monkeys jumping on the bed,

One fell off and bumped his head,

Mama called the doctor and the doctor said,

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!


  1. Just finished Boesch and Sense 8! Highly recommend! Working on Lock and Key… promising to be a good run!
  2. RV Toliet paper, hand sanitizer. (The struggle is REAL!)
  3. … I will tell you once I see your answers… have fun!

49 thoughts on “What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #47)

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  1. Television – I have only watched live television, quiz shows that exercise your brain, a Norwegian Noir Dram and a Scottish drama, both with great scenery, we need scenery. Surprise find was an Australian film ‘The Sapphires’ , based on a true story I had never heard about; a group of Aboriginal girl singers go to Vietnam to entertain the US troops!
    I have not been able to get to shops so neighbours have been kind getting essentials. But what I really want is a huge bar of Cadbury’s chocolate!
    No idea about the monkeys, it probably has historic satirical origins.

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    1. Hello Janet! Live TV. What an idea!😉 The shows you are watching sound excellent to me! Definitely checking out “The Sapphires”. We have soooo many tv commercials with live tv. When you watch, do you find there to be a lot of commercials? I absolutely love that the neighbors bring you your essential… maybe you could put a picture of your chocolate bar on a missing poster? Just tape it to your front door and I bet one will show up… ha! The little monkeys… good guess. 😆💜💜💜

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      1. I thought it said shoes. It’s early!
        A comedy club. The venue is in Utah. Some of these stand up comedians are quite funny.
        Chad Prather. Can’t get enough Chad

        My daughter and those big jars of unsweetened grapefruit from WM.

        Every thing always has some historical or racial reference. Can’t anything just be fun.
        Kids falling off the bed because they are jumping. Never met a kid yet who took that story to heart and didn’t jump. A few got hurt too.

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        1. Shoes! I could binge shoes, Margie! Some of those comedians are hysterical!Your daughter… that’s pretty funny! I love monkeys on the bed! I don’t believe it’s offensive. Oh! For sure don’t fall off the bed!😊😉💜


  2. 1. They’re all repeats, nothing much new in the UK. Netflix is OK as ever..
    2. Inks for my printer. I let my stock run out. A major nuisance.
    3. Mama got it wrong. She should have called the veterinary not the doctor.

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    1. It’s so weird that we have so many channels and streaming possibilities but we can’t find anything to watch!😆 Printer ink! George, I’ve done the same! I AM out of ink! Mama got it wrong! I believe you are on to something! I’m cracking up! Great observation! Thanks George!😊💫

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  3. 1. No, not really. I’ve been catching up on some movies and books.
    2. Facial creams, soaps, detergent, baking powder, flour, pasta, tomato sauce, crackers, nuts, beer, ice-cream. Telling you, people are selfish asses. And we’ll never learn.
    3. Kids should listen to what doctors say, if they don’t listen to their parents. Boils down to scaring them basically.

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    1. Right. Doesn’t it feel like you’ve watched everything? Like, I watched EVERYTHING on TV, I’m all done!🙄😆😆 I really like audio books… I can color/draw while I listen. If you have a library card, you can get audio books for free through the library…
      Man! People are selfish! I went to the grocery store with the hubby and there was a line to get bottled water… so we finally get to have our turn and it was tense! So I started saying in a really loud whisper voice, “Don’t be a hoarder!” Finally! Laughter!
      Three little monkeys! Never can I get anything in the written word by you, Bo! 😆💜💜💜

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  4. 1) Just finishing up Tiger King. So bizarre!
    2) Having trouble finding Vitamin C, especially the gummy candy ones I like because I’m a 6 year old at heart. Everything else is fairly easy to find up here, even TP.
    3) We all suffer when one of us isn’t being careful. Just like now, with social distancing. We’ll all end up locked down for even longer if the idiots who are protesting don’t do as the doctor says.

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    1. Tiger King…! I honestly tried, Player One. Gave it my all. Made it about 10 minutes. Some shit you can’t unsee😜. I feel your pain on the C chewy! I got the very last bottle of B12 chewies in the third store I visited. Maybe our 6 year old selves can bring our chewies and have a play date! Yay!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 So yes, do as the doctor says and don’t jump on the bed!!!🐒

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      1. Tiger king is an ass. Tigers should have finished him off the first day.
        Wild animals are not pets and they are not side show money makers. They are wild animals and should be treated as such and left alone to live wild

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  5. We’ve been binging on M.A.S.H, Schitt’s Creek, and Still Standing, James May – Our Man in Japan, Oz and James’ Big Wine Adventure, along with a crazy amount of movies.
    Can’t find yeast, but still have some left and making a starter.
    I think that the rhyme had a different word in it instead of monkeys. It was changed when it was realized that the word may be racist and offensive to African Americans, but I think that in essence it was meant to scare your kids so that they don’t jump on the bed?

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    1. Cool shows! I love hearing people’s great binge watching! I am going to look up a couple of your shows.👍 Yeast. I found yeast… so weird. Why did I need yeast… oh! Making pizza dough. Good luck with that starter, let me know how it goes! The children’s rhyme… (anyone who calls another person ANY animal name has some serious issues) your theory on the meaning is spot on. Get those kids to stop jumping! Thanks for stopping by, every Sunday we answer quick questions! 😊💫


  6. Love your new picture and thank you for the recommendations for viewing…….I think I have watched everything 🙂
    1. I watched Tiger King………they are all nuts! and Innocent Files (or something like that)
    2. I haven’t been able to get hand sanitizer and ramen (my kids are asking for it)
    3. Well, since I have watched a few kids jump on a bed and when we didn’t have insurance I would really freak………so, I am guessing mom pretended to call the doctor from the other room and then told them what h/she “said.” 🙂

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  7. Nice to see you back Kim. I have been wanting to ask what limitations you have personally felt. As far as your questions….
    1. I have watched both the presidents and governors updates multiple times a week. ( More than I have ever paid attention to politics). Do I recommend it?… Not sure. I can tell you the most horrible thing I’ve watched during the “lockdown”…. The cruelness of some people. Would you believe someone told me to drink bleach? not suggested it, but told me I was an idiot so I should?!?!?!?
    2. In the last 30 days I have not been able to get any….almost everything I have tried to get was difficult, but not impossible to get. I’ve been pretty lucky I guess. My heart is breaking that I can’t hold my grandsons, or go visit them though.
    3. Don’t jump on the bed, because you WILL fall off, and it WILL hurt?!?! As a child I was terrified of doctors because they liked to give shots or throat swabs or stitches etc…

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    1. Karen Grace! Not sure what limitations you want me to speak to? I’d be more than happy to answer, just need more info. Thanks!
      I could tell you were more into politics just by your FB posts. Recommend it? Not sure… if you believed the guy who told you to drink bleach, you ARE watching too much. (K.G…. come on😊)
      I’m sure you are good at getting necessities. Where there’s a will there’s Karen! Wahoo!
      Falling off the bed for kids is dangerous.


      1. Limitations- dont you have to move parks every 2 weeks? Are you able to find openings? Are you still able to see attractions or is everything closed?
        As far as the girl that told me to drink bleach, she was being a bitch and because our opinions differed she told me to drink it as a “f you”…. did I mention some people are being horrible?!?!?

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        1. Well, she certainly isn’t doing well with boundaries! People are letting their ass holes take over their brains… glad I’m not her! I’ve met quite a few of her ‘kinfolk’ on the road during this COVID-19 outbreak. Well, my friend, you can’t fix stupid! (I learned that from a Texas Lawman!)

          Everything IS closed. We are able to get into RV resorts but you are to remain in your RV as much as possible. All common areas are off limits. I received a reservation cancellation notice TODAY, first time ever! California is remaining closed for most of their RV parks now through May 14th. I’m looking for a long term park, a month stay somewhere… think I found one but still haven’t approved my reservation request… fingers crossed!

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  8. 1). I started watching OZARKS during nights of insomnia. But I mainly watch gardening and plant based cooking YouTube. (Replaces my binging of RV YouTube until we can travel again)
    2) I haven’t had anything I couldn’t get as I ordered TP on line prior to lockdown and we eat plants so the produce section has been pretty well stocked as people started hoarding meat and dairy.
    3) since childhood rhymes are often about tragedy or illness ( Ring are I UBS the Rosey and London bridges) I am going to guess it’s about an illness.

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    1. Ring around the rosey. What is wrong with my thumbs this morning?

      I forgot that I also watched CONTAINMENT on Netflix. Fun to watch during a virus pandemic.

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    2. Ozarks! Very good! One of Jason Bateman’s finest roles, I think! Yay for the essentials! Good planning on your part. The children’s rhyme is really, honestly, just about kids not jumping on the bed because a fall could end in a head injury… all kids want to jump on beds, this little rhyme is sung and should reinforce no jumping on the bed! 😊💫


  9. 1. Started watching Curb Your Enthusiasm as I’ve always wanted to know what it was about. There are heaps of seasons too so it should keep me busy for a while!
    2. Non-manky lemons or flour, the latter of which has become the new toilet roll and is now probably more valuable than gold!
    3. The meaning is that you should wear a helmet when jumping on beds because then there will be no sore heads!

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    1. Curb your enthusiasm… why do I feel like it’s a show I should watch??? Let me know how it goes! Flour is the new toilet paper… duh, I’m lost but I just sent the hubby down to buy a case! $$$😁 Helmets are just no longer optional! 🐒🐒🐒😆

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