The Fibromyalgia Cure? OK, Let’s Talk About This…

There is a NEW cure for fibromyalgia plastered on FaceBook! Yep. They have done it! AGAIN! Another cure for us fibro sufferers, for crying out loud! It is about time!!!  (Really?) Well, let’s talk about this…

Here is the hook…


Ok. There is a blood test called the FM/a to diagnose fibromyalgia. This is real. Your insurance, whatever that may be, will cover the cost of this blood test.

What does the FM/a test for? (Researcher-speak) This is a multi-biomarker-based test that analyzes your immune systems’ white blood cells’ chemokine and cytokine patterns. People with fibro have an irregular pattern regarding these proteins. 

What does the FM/a test for? (Kim-speak) This test measures the proteins in your body that increase when you are ill. These proteins increase your white blood cell count considerably to fight the likes of the flu, mono, infection, etc… These measurements should prove to be erratic if you have fibromyalgia.

Next, here is the theory ‘MOJO’ statement…


The theory ‘MOJO’ statement is a promise to be admitted to their clinical trial if you test positive on the FM/a blood test.

(Researcher-speak) Take the FM/a test.

(Kim-speak) Do not rule out being tested for the FM/a test, just don’t be first in case its a deciding factor in the treatment you are allowed to receive! (This is not a one-size-fits-all illness!)

The result in this proposed theory will be a cure for the incurable… AND (drumroll!) they have the ONLY cure!


Just what is this cure? It is the TB vaccine. Period. Will this work? I haven’t researched one case where it has worked. I have not studied one case where it has caused any harm. Go ahead and research the TB vaccine and see if you think it may hold promise for your ‘type’ of fibromyalgia. Go ahead and get the TB vaccine if you think it might work. Just ask your doctor to administer the TB vaccine. The cost is low, the vaccine is available. There is no need for such a cryptic message of a wonderous ‘cure!’ I trust YOU to make the best decision for YOU!

(Researcher-speak: More money…)

(Kim-speak: It’s a stupid $7 TB vaccine, get it if you want to!)

Always live your best life!



32 thoughts on “The Fibromyalgia Cure? OK, Let’s Talk About This…

  1. WHAT?!? I’m not a “Book of Faces” kinda girl…as unpopular as that may be, BUT….a cure? And a simple TB shot? What the bloody hell? I asked my Rheumatologist months ago about this test and she’d never heard of it. So I definitely won’t be her first. I’m so tired of being sick, maybe I should?
    Thanks for being the guardian of new information on this horrible illness Kim. I can’t, so I follow others.
    Signed: Week three of this flare and no end in sight…

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    • Yah… shoot third week? Can you take muscle relaxers and just sleep??? I feel sooo bad. Sorry you are in this flare. Yes, the test… wouldn’t want to be first, no telling what kind of stupidity will come from the results. The TB vaccine… it’s not a secret. Many have tried it. Maybe it’ll work for someone???? Gosh, hope so. But it’s no BIG secret and shame on the research team that is making it so!💜

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  2. 🤔 hmmm. I’ve been dealing with it, like so many, for 12 years. Arthritis from injuries do not help. The best info I received during genetic testing was that I have the MTHFR mutation. There are two kinds~I have both. I really believe there’s a connection with all of it. Either way, after 10 years of Lyrica, I have weaned myself off. I’m using meditation, faith, making sure I get rest (if I can), essential oils and rubs, anti inflammatory as needed, up my water, and on those bad days…it’s so hard. Adding B12, more magnesium, Methylfolate (my body can’t break down folate) are some ways I had to take charge. It seemed the rheumatologist and neurologist just wanted to put me on more meds. Life with chronic pain keeps me humble for sure, exhausted, and a few times, in despair. Prayers for you and all others suffering. 💚

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  3. Curious. When my daughter was born in Germany in 1988 in a private German hospital they asked us to sign off to allow her to receive a TB vaccination. We had been warned by the base to decline as having the vaccine would cause her TB test required in the US to show positive requiring further tests and xrays to prove her negative status.
    Now does that mean they do not have Fibro in Germany? It would stand to reason that if it is treatment maybe it was prevention?
    That being said, I’ll pass. As a mother of a son with autism, I have watch my share of cures come down over the last 29 years. All selling hope from a bottle, a shot, or a supplement. Only to dash the dreams of parents who desired nothing more than to help their children. I see this as possibly the same thing. Possibly preying on those who desperately want help.
    I will just continue to manage life as it come through diet, exercise, and love of my Fibro community and family.

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    • How interesting! Germany, huh! I sadly can only guess what you’ve been through with your son… those who have wronged you should have to pay! What mental turmoil. Patty, I am with you! I’m so sick of seeing people preyed on, as well as being preyed on. Managing life as it comes! Great practice! Good for you. Yay!😊💜


      • I have always believe Chris was wonderful and perfectly made. He is a great guy now at 33!( how did that happen?) I remember people contacting us in the 90s wanting to sell us the snake oil. I wasn’t interested in curing him I would teach him myself and help the schools learn about him and autism.
        Hope today finds you well and safe as we shelter.

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        • Patty, Chris is perfect! My favorite, FAVORITE clients were those with autism. Such an interesting world they must see! I was amazed at their ability to conceptualize even the smallest items in this big world. In my training, there were some unsettling practices they were beginning to perform… I’m sure you know them. I fought back, the ONLY time I would intervene physically- if it were a life/death situation… like traffic and crossing the street. (Only if safety were a primary concern!)I loved my clients, don’t get me wrong, but my guys with autism… oh, special places in my heart to this day! Funny how the word ‘cure’ is tossed around but ‘understanding’ would seem so much more enlightening. Well done, Patty! Safe and shelter is my wish for you and yours as well. 🙂


  4. Kim you are very smart. Thank you for all the research you do on all our behaves. I will not be their guinea pig. They’re nuts! Stay safe my friend. Love ya❣

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  5. The commercials for this absolutely infuriate me. It totally diminishes all we go through to get diagnosed and then insults us with the false promise of a cure.
    I wonder, too, if this could screw up Disability-for those of us that are on it. I don’t know about you, but Disability was tough for me to get. What happens if you test negative by one of these bogus tests?…..(which I can’t imagine, cause that would ruin their snake oil sales) Then you would have a negative test in your records, for Disability to see next time you’re reviewed……grrrrrr

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  6. People used to get the TB vaccine here all the time–Ken and I both got it as kids–but people still have fibro up here, so while it wouldn’t hurt you, I don’t know if it would help. But if it does, that’s great!

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