The Opioid Crisis? A Lie. Suicide Due to a Lack of Pain Management? Very Real.

All of the following information is available on many sites on the internet. The National Health Association, the World Wide Health Organization, the CDC, and etc. You should just google suicide rates. I knew as medication was withheld, my people would choose not to live. It is happening! We are losing our chronically ill brothers and sisters at an alarming rate.

This is what I found…




Rest in Peace.



Enough. My heart is tired. If you are not a chronic pain patient, you should not have any say regarding our medical methods to suppress our pain.


33 thoughts on “The Opioid Crisis? A Lie. Suicide Due to a Lack of Pain Management? Very Real.

    • The powers that be here decided no more pain meds for chronic pain patients and doctors were told they could be fined and possibly lose their licenses if they prescribed opiates. So they were forced to stop.
      My previous doctor retired early because he had several fibromyalgia patients and he felt he was not able to treat us according to his oath he took to become a doctor.
      I haven’t been able to find anyone to help me since. The struggle with pain is awful now.

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    • Somehow the CDC got involved in deaths caused by drug overdoses… why? Do not know. Addiction is a real issue but instead of treating it as an addiction crisis, it became very easy to blame the substance. The knee jerk was to punish the doctors who write these scripts for any kind of opioid. The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) decided to begin raiding medical clinics… going through doctor prescriptions and ‘deciding’ if the doctor wrote too many scripts. There was no definitive number so how the decision was made to literally pull that docs license, I don’t know but they did and do. So, the doctors began following the CDCs ‘recommendations’ as LAW because they knew the CDC, through the enforcement of the DEA could and would pull their licenses… so… the people who need help with substance abuse have not been helped. Legitimate pain patients are now cut off from their needed medications and the damn suicide rate is STILL increasing. NOT fun to be a pain patient in the states. Basically, illegal to be in pain. 😡😡😡

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  1. Thank you for highlighting this Kim. It is more than enough to have a chronic illness with pain. Denying medications to treat this pain is unethical and inhumane and MUST stop! I have no idea how to STOP this injustice but fight suicidal ideation on my worst days. I can’t imagine not having access to my pain meds when these days present. I’m so sorry for these poor, tour hired souls and their families. Beyond SAD and UNACCEPTABLE!!!

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    • It just is heart wrenching… I found a group that I was trying to follow then hit a bad flare. With no access to pain medication. They are pain patient advocates. I need to post their info. Hang on Tamara. This will get better. 💜💜💜


  2. “Enough. My heart is tired. If you are not a chronic pain patient, you should not have any say regarding our medical methods to suppress our pain.” – AMEN sister, I have said this SO many times……….unless you have lived it, you have NO idea………reading your post today just pisses me off. All the lives lost for NO reason……….the doctors who did not do their job should be held accountable. Great job Kim with another awesome post.

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  3. Ugh, this makes for painful reading, doesn’t it? I think vets should have their own class in the suicide arena because it seems far, far too many suffer after returning home with no support, mentally or practically, and there’s a lot of stigma still over mental health in that area. Of course then there’s stigma over men and mental health, and medications, for vets. Seeing all the personal stories here, from vets to the lady with trigeminal neuralgia, gives a face to it. I shouldn’t really comment much on the whole ‘opioid crisis’ as it pisses me off no end, but you’ve done brilliantly hammering home just how pivotal the link between pain and suicide is. Powerful post, Kim.xx

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    • Hey Caz. This is beyond a heartbreaking topic. So preventable! Bottom line, opioids are safe! Opioids help so many people live a decent life even when they have chronic pain conditions. There is a program shining light on the vets in the USA. It’s called 22Kill. That’s how many vets are killed per day by suicide. The hubby and I are supporting this groups cause. Hopefully as people begin advocating for pain patients rights, there will be an established organization to support. Just so sad to lose all these folks at such an alarming rate! 💜

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  4. It is so sad the opinoids are killing so many people. Unfortunately, and I hate to say this, my husband is incredibly addicted to them. No matter what I do or say. he continues to stay hooked. It is to the point that he steals them from me. I am frustrated with this entire situation and have no idea what to do anymore. Sorry for the rant.

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    • So sorry Alyssa. I absolutely know about having an addicted partner. The problem is the addiction needs to be treated, the substance… not the issue. Too many people who use their medications correctly are being punished by the few that do NOT. Lack of pain management access killed the people in my article, not misuse. I would suggest you take back control over your medication. A fireproof small safe, should hold your medications. You retain the key. Until his addiction is controlled be ready for anything. Your hubby needs treatment, not punishment. I know you already know this. Addiction is a disease. He should have access to help, too. But you can’t do it for him, even though you wish you could… 💜💜💜

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