How Do You Decide What Clothes to Bring? (RV Tattles #1)

***Disclaimer. I am not an expert in RVland. I just RV fulltime. Period. This is a tattletale post, entirely for fun, with a tidbit of truth you may find helpful! I love #RVlife!

When beginning this fulltime RV life, hard decisions needed to be made. No longer could I own four different sizes of crockpots!!! My china dishes could not accompany me. The six totes I kept in the basement with ‘seasonal’ clothes would need to be sorted and … (gulp!) shoes… my shoes! My purses! ALL things would need to be paired down. I no longer could ‘keep’ that dress coat, because I had three! My leather coats… suedes, ski jackets, spring jackets… There just isn’t room to keep it all. (I am starting to get anxious just thinking about the process I had to go through!)

Do it, just do it! It is worth it, I promise.

The hubby simply gathered his favorite jeans, shorts, and graphic tees! A few pairs of shoes, sandals, and tennis shoes. Two flannels, two hoodies, a fleece jacket, and a basic warm winter coat. (And at my assistance one ‘funeral’ outfit, just like the Royals, we travel – ready for anything!) Done. No problem. Next!

…my turn.

To begin, the key is to pick a basic color that suits YOU.

I chose black because I spill whatever is in my hands on my clothes ALL THE TIME. I’m clumsy, too! If there is a way to fall on freshly mowed green grass, I will find it! (I’m a trooper like that!)

Your basic color plus hues that look good on you. I chose jewel tones. You may be a pastel gal with a basic khaki color. There is no wrong choice. it’s about building a wardrobe where every piece serves a purpose. (You can do it!)

  • Tees; you’ll probably buy one for every state you go to, don’t bring many tees. (You need something to shop for!)
  • Personal accessories; all I can say are scarves will be your best friend! You can dress up or down an outfit with the addition of a scarf. Scarves can protect you from the sun, be used to tie up your hair or cover up a swimsuit. The best part, easy to pack!
  • Remember to put in a ‘funeral’ outfit that is timeless and seasonless. I have a basic black jersey dress that’ll work for numerous unforeseen events. (I am not trying to be morbid, just practical.)
  • Shoes; flip flops, sandals (one dress), tennis shoes, maybe a pair of (cowboy, biker, or hiking) boots and wellies!
  • Purses; you will be setting your purse down on dirt surfaces (you’re RVing now!), just bear that in mind when you choose a few bags to bring with. Remember, EVERYTHING seems to make its way into your purse…especially on the days you move RV sites. I chose a bohemian crossbody bag. (OK. TWO, I bought two!!!) 
  • Outerwear; one light, one midweight, and one heavy jacket/coat. That is all you need. Remember to have a flannel, hoodie, and I like a cardigan option.
  • Your PJs and intimates are your business! This stuff should not take up too much space, and you’ll be fine!

You will adjust as you travel and readjust. You’ll donate what you overpacked and hit Bass outlet stores… to get sensible clothing items! Ha!

Finally, I suggest you start this whole process by pulling out a basic, one-week wardrobe. Clothes that fit, that you are comfortable in… and go from there!

Happy Trails!




23 thoughts on “How Do You Decide What Clothes to Bring? (RV Tattles #1)

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  1. The shoes… The handbags… The pretty dresses… Le sigh!

    When I was packing my suitcase to come here, I had to go through mourning for all the things I was leaving behind and brought my favorites of many things. I brought an evening gown; never know when you might need one. I brought string bikinis; it took two years to wear them but they still fit and it is hot here. I brought the practical clothing. I’ve since realized that even living out of a suitcase, it is difficult not to just buy more because it feels normal to have 79 choices in what nickers to wear, but I’ve gotten much better about only actually buying clothing when I am replacing something else that is worn out. I miss my other things, but I like not being overwhelmed by choices.

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    1. That is the upside! It doesn’t take long to choose an outfit when your choices are fairly limited. We still have enough but it’s different! Yes you need a swimsuit, it DOES get very hot where you live! December was HOT when I was there. Yes… a bit of respect paid to all the things that went to donation! I like that you kept an evening dress! Very cool! (I still miss my shoes!) 😉💜😊

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  2. Ah yes, your first paragraph brought back all those emotions. I traded in (not literally) my coach purses for a Baggallini that is designed for travel and easily wiped down. Wise advice on the T-shirts … my shopping addiction these days😆

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  3. I probably should trade in all my flannel in my R.V. for something a little more fashionable. After downsizing 4 times and putting everything I own in a 50 sq ft. storage (and putting my school clothes away) I can say I have one small purse, a dress I can wear to special occasion, black pants (funeral), and I love your idea of scarves!! I used to wear them a lot. Thank you for sharing!

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  4. I think you packed more clothes than I own…hahaha! Since I lost weight I have been very particular about what I’ve purchased, my wardrobe is minimalist. I have basic pieces I add to and most things work year round, I just add layers and scarves.
    Shoes are my weakness, well, Converse are my weakness. I have about 11 pair of Converse. 🤯 Blows my own mind.

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  5. Oh my goodness, I could so move into an RV in one week………as a minimalist, this would be so easy……….I think I hear the road calling my name!!! 🙂 LOVE your picture with the glasses! so bad ass!

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      1. 🙂 oh yes………I agree! I am doing another major decluttering of our home but I am getting to the point there isn’t a lot left to declutter while we still live here……….someday! 🙂

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  6. I know I am going to have to go through a similar thing when Joe and I can finally move to Ireland, but boy am I dreading the process. I am trying to start early, so it isn’t as big a chore when the time comes. I remember giving all of my high heels away when I could no longer wear. heels……it makes me sad to this day.

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    1. Ahhhh! Ireland?!?! You and Joe will move to Ireland? Wow! Worth it! Give, give, give!!! Too cool. I am so pumped for you! Pumped without heels of course. I know the feeling of watching those heels leave your closet never to be worn again… I’m crying on the inside right now! I so miss those perfect, heeled, pieces of heaven! (Sigh)

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  7. I was a huge clothes & shoes fashionista. I had like 30 pairs of designer jeans, designer bags, shoes & boots for days. Yet, I used to get frustrated trying to find something to wear, lol. So, after donating or selling my wardrobe I still find things that aren’t practical in my closet. I’d say my closet is about 4 feet of hanging closet space now. It’s been a year & I find I mostly wear jeans & a cute top/t-shirt or shorts. As far as shoes, I wear converse mostly or my Nike slides if I’m going in and out of the Rv. This lifestyle isn’t about strutting around or showing off to anyone. I found it quite liberating to rid myself of the pressure to put on a unique outfit each day. I had clothes for a life I wasn’t even living tbh. Rv life gets you in touch with what’s around you or maybe inside of you that you need to work out. Be brave, if you haven’t worn it in 6 months to a year…donate it. 😊🤓

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