What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #49)

I blog, I get sick of me! I want to hear from you!

There are no wrong answers!

Most important, this is for fun! Have some fun!


  1. If you could have any meal from any restaurant put in front of you right now… what would it be?
  2. What are you excited about… in the near future?
  3. Name three things you’d like to be remembered for?


  1. I miss a restaurant that was right near my house in Minneapolis called ‘Holy Land.’ I would have a Gyro with extra cucumber sauce!!! Yummo!
  2. Just being able to walk into a store, other than Walmart… please!
  3. Empathy, kindness, and humor.

45 thoughts on “What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #49)

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  1. 1. Chicken Korma
    2. The Arsenal playing football again.
    3. Never having used a swearword even once; a bloke who could compose music and write songs; sticking to my guns.

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    1. Why haven’t I tried Chicken Korma??? I had to look it up. I didn’t know what it was. Now that I know… yummo!!! Go Arsenals! I like your three things to be remembered for. (Never swear?) Wow. Thanks George!😊


  2. 1) I think I’ve mentioned an abnormal love of charcuterie. I’d get the charcuterie from this little coffee shop I love (the bits are seasonal so it’s never the same plate twice), with wine, and followed by a piece of their cake.

    2) Never looking over my shoulder again because the monster is behind bars.

    3) My strength, my faith, my hope, my love.

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  3. That fish restaurant in Oban, Scotland when were on holiday, right buy the sea – I always choose fish in restaurants because Cyberspouse hates fish and we never have it.
    Seeing the plants I have just planted grow and flourish, can’t look further ahead than that.
    Being a writer, good mother and grandmother – not saying I am!

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    1. Those fish restaurants are the bomb! I never really liked fish until I had it fresh, in a restaurant by the Ocean. (Can I come with you next time?😉) Flourishing beauty! Janet, I believe those three things are absolutely how you will be remembered along with many more spectacular things. 😊💜

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    1. A carnivore after my own heart! Nothing better than steak and potatoes! Love fresh asparagus too! Yummo! I think many are excited for a new president/elected officials. I like you three things. I have no doubt that you are kind, loyal, and empathetic! Thanks Steve!😊

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  4. 1) sizzling veggie fajitas and table side guacamole!
    2) camping this week in Georgia!!
    3) passion for living, compassion for others, and being authentic in all things.

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  5. Grilled shrimp on rice pilaf with a cup of clam chowder
    That this mess will be over soon and I will see more of my daughter. Summer, and keeping the President we have.
    My humor, my quilting and my love of animals

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    1. Margie… I’m coming over for shrimp😉! Yes to the end of THIS mess. Summer and another 4 for POTUS! You definitely have an incredible sense of humor, your quilts are fabulous and your animals make me smile!!! Thanks Margie!😊💜


  6. 1. Had a rare treat from takeaway Chinese on Friday. It was good and no cooking or cleaning was even better!
    2. Understanding school bullying better, if (When!) I ever finish my book project.
    3. Being kind, being a tutor who helped students see the best in themselves and being warm and inclusive.

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  7. 1. Dessert, After I steal Steve’s menu from above…..mmmm Steak! 2. Excited that MAYBE summer is around the corner and 3. I hope that people remember me as a kind, intelligent person with a good sense of humor

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    1. Peruvian? I wonder what foods are Peruvian!?!? I honestly don’t know but am intrigued! Maybe a bit bleak… I hope not. We have to support the next generation. I just wonder what that’ll look like? Lack of ego… thats good. I’m sure you are a good mom and your writing is epic! Stay safe, be well my friend.💜💜💜

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  8. 1. A seafood platter from Red Lobster
    2. Dinner time/warm weather/getting my garden growing
    3. My big heart, caring personality that likes to lift other people yup, and the fact that I’m a pretty ok mom

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  9. 1. I don’t even know what a Gyro is 😂 I’ll maybe go for this place called Bar & Wok for their chicken chow mien. Mmmmmm, nom nom!
    2. I agree there, when it’s safe and the virus has gone (like completely gone) then I’ll look forward to shopping freely, even in supermarkets, without that constant hyper vigilance. I’d also like to go to the cheap clothes shop in town, I miss bargain buying!
    3. The easy-going, politically incorrect, full-of-sarcasm-and-innuendo girl I used to be. For my empathy. And for my love of tea. Oh, and that I was always right. My gravestone will read: “I told you I was sick”.
    Your choices of empathy, kindness & humour are you to a T, Kim. xx

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    1. Gyro! 😳 😆😆😆 Thats ok we’ll have ourselves some nom nom chicken chow mein! Thrifting and shopping freely. Sigh. 🤞 I think your three things are da bomb! Very Caz! (And thank-you for the compliment!) that epithet for your gravestone… damn! That’ll work!😆 thanks Caz!💜💜💜

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  10. 1. I would love several empanadas from the Venezuelan restaurant Empanada Express.
    2. I want to get back to looking for the RV.
    3. My sense of humor, my ability to roll with the punches, and the love that I give to my family.

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  11. 1. At this point I would be happy with anything I didn’t have to cook and I wasn’t allergic to! 🙂
    2. Not fearing for my life every time I have to run an errand and my teens being able to act like teens
    3. Kindness, Generous and Loving………

    Thanks for another great list of questions KIM! 🙂

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    1. No cooking has a certain appeal…! Allergies can really mess with a meal. Yep. Not fearing for your life, bonus. I hope your teens can act like teens? Has it been hard for them? I wondered, I don’t have kids. Kind, generous, and loving! Yes, that describes you already Wendi!😊💜

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      1. awww……….thank you so very much!
        my kids, as I am sure pretty much all the kids, are going nuts. I have one returning to work this weekend and it scares me so much he will bring the virus home and I have another returning to work in a couple of weeks and then my other one will return………they need to be able to talk and hang out with friends…..as cool as their mom is (ha, ha!) they are over it. 🙂

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  12. 1. Sushi from Kampai would be my first choice, but that’s not going to happen because some months before Covid-19 shut down all of the restaurants in the world the owner of Kampai sushi got busted in a sting for soliciting an underage girl and since then we have vowed to never eat Kampai sushi again. That’s probably not the answer you were looking for. Let my answer then be: authentic Mexican food from an authentic Mexican place. 😎

    2. Church! 🍻

    3. Sagacity, mirth, and tri-tip.

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    1. Stay away from perv Kampai! Authentic Mexican! I miss those little places that were everywhere in south Texas, in ‘the valley.’ The hubs and I eat at places where you’ll a.) get food poisoning and probably die or b.) have the best damn meal of your life! Brother Tom, that’s living!😆 CHURCH! Hallelujah!!!
      I believe you encompass the three things already! Sound judgement, a cheery dude with the grilling skills to make those tri tips memorable!😊 thanks Tom!

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