What about you? (Sunday Quick Questions #50!!!)

Can you believe this, you guys?!?! We have answered quick questions for 50 Sundays! I’ve have had the best 50 Sundays of my life! I thank you all for playing along. I have learned so many great things about you all!!! Let’s see if we can make it for another 50!

As you know, I blog. I get SICK of me.

I want to learn about you!

There are no wrong answers… have fun!

Since this is a stellar accomplishment… 50 Sundays! Turn about is fair play, I will answer one question posed by you this week. You still have two to answer first!


  1. What was your biggest kitchen fail?
  2. What do you remember best about your grandparents?
  3. You may ask me one question… 



  1. I was trying to make those English popovers. You put gravy on them, they are yummy. So I made the batter, filled the muffin cups up with oil, and ‘popped’ them in the oven. Too much oil and too high of a temp! I had a grease fire like no other. FAIL!
  2. Full of love. I could do no wrong. I was never yelled at. I was always the most important little person in the room for them. I was safe with them. Gosh, I miss my grandparents.

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  1. 1. Not turning the oven on.
    2.Grandma would put one dollar in our birthday cards then Granddad would slip his hand in his pocket and give us three dollars!
    3. On your new travels which has been your favourite camp site so far?

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    1. Not turning on the oven… 😆 I thought that was mandatory, at least monthly!😉 I LOVE the dollar story! That’s a sweet one.
      Your question for me- My favorite campsite so far… yikes! This is difficult. Actually, the one that stands out so far… Minden Nevada. We had such a beautiful site! Mountains, cute and quaint Minden itself… so far, that was my favorite. 😊💜

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  2. 1. Boiling carrots. My first attempt ever relied on a phone call I had to make to my mother who was in France at the time. She told me to chop them up, chuck them in a saucepan and boil for 5 minutes. At the time I didn’t take in the concept of what ‘boiling’ actually was. So I lit the gas, put the saucepan on the hob, timed it for 5 minutes thinking that was what she meant. The thing was that at 5 minutes they’d only just come to the boil, you see I timed it from the moment I’d put the pan on the hob! My guests were not amused.
    2. My nan’s voice. She lived in Devon where they speak funny. You might have to translate as the vid here the bossy old lady is exactly what my nan looked and spoke like – and the other old lady is the ringer for my aunt Ida. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwHFazeeTvA
    3. What’s your favourite bird?

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    1. Oh no! Haha! Boiling carrots. Honest mistake I think! The video… since your Nan and great aunt talked that way it definitely would be unforgettable! How fun you found this video! Your question for me- my bird of choice is the crow! The squawking reminds me of summer nights and fall harvest, Halloween, Poe (technically his Raven)… and my dad! Crows are his favorite birds too! 😊💫

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  3. 1. Fully stumped me. I don’t do a bunch in the kitchen, so it’s hard to remember a fail. I once looked up at the BBQ and flames were shooting out the top 10 feet in the air and the temp gauge said “RIDICULOUS.” When I turned it off and finally got the nerve to open the lid (with extinguisher in hand) my ribs were ash and bone. To this day I have no idea how they flamed up like that, but that’s the biggest outdoor kitchen fail I can remember. 🤷

    1a. Wait! I do remember one more. One time, in the kitchen, I asked Mrs C if she should really have another serving. THAT was a FAIL! 😜

    2. They really weren’t a big part of my life, on either side. Grandma and her sister, Aunt Alice, used to come for visits (by train, neither ever drove) and then leave, continuing their tour of family America. They never had much so it was more like “who can we stay with for a while right now” kind of thing, and then on to the next. She was quiet, modest, and – I guess it can be called – saintly. Grandpa died when I was a youngster, and I only remember his last, very painful, moments. I think it was lung cancer, but I’d have to ask the older siblings. On dad’s side I never met his dad, and his mom only once when I was 8 and we were visiting them in Mississippi. Gosh, you really got me this time!

    3. If you were paddling upstream in a canoe and a wheel fell off, how many pancakes would it take to cover a doghouse?

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    1. BBQ fail! That’d be the Operator ERROR fail!!! 😆 (1a) Good lord brother Tom! It’s a miracle you still walk the earth! The grandparents… I think many will be in the same boat, not much time spent with them. Saintly. I do like that. Your poor grandpa. That’s a tough memory.
      Your question for me- 8!😉

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    1. So the kitchen is not your friend! Bummer you didn’t get to meet your grandparents. Your question for me- Kipling. I have not! I DO have the book, “Kim” by Kipling- (from my mom) I have yet to read it! 💫


    1. That IS great!!! No memorable fails! Awe. Grandparents were the best at that. Your question for me- I should say fibromyalgia. I honestly wish other people could see trauma. If we all could see another persons ‘traumas,’ how strong they have had to be, I’d honestly hope that would make us kinder. 💜

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  4. 1- forgetting a tortilla that was warming up until it nearly caught the kitchen on fire.
    2-my grandmother loved everyone beloved in the power of prayer and saw the good in others even when they didn’t. She also saved my life twice- once as an infant she gave me CPR and when I was 10 and swallowed a chicken bone while eating. She put bread on her fingers and was able to push the bone enough to allow air to pass until I could get to ER.
    3- what is your exercise routine on the road?

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    1. Oops!!! Tortilla in the oven! Your grandma! Wow. Amazing lady! Thank goodness, saved your life 2x! My exercise routine that is getting posted on Tuesday! But I will tell you… very simply cause that’s all I know! I play three songs a day and just move!!! Patty. I just started an RV group for POSITIVE RVers on FB. Let me know if you want an invite. 😊💜


      1. I’d love an invite. We are trying to plan our escape in June. Lots of campgrounds opening up. Can’t wait to get going again. Thinking we may be fulltime by December : )
        We did camp in Georgia for five days and a 6th day boondocked for the first time.

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  5. Biggest kitchen fail was when I decided on a whim to add some white wine to chicken curry and it was foul; it was one of the first times I cooked for Joe, and we soon decided we were better off if he did most of the cooking. Why the hell didn’t I just drink the wine? Hahaha,

    My maternal grandmother was so lovely, and loved her wild turkey! When I was five, I apparently walked up to hug her, looked up and asked why she had bugs in her nose. She had an abundance of nose hair, which was something I had never seen. My mom was mortified, but my Grandmother just laughed and hugged me.

    I have clothing on the brain because of an earlier post of yours, KIm….so, do you prefer Summer or Winter clothes?

    Love you, Beautiful Lady!!!

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    1. Wine! Oh no… 😆😆😆 Actually brilliant! Now Joe cooks! That’s what I’d call a happy accident! Oh grandmas… bugs in her nose? We just can do no wrong with grandma! Love that! Your question to me- I LOVE winter clothes! I love sweaters, boots, scarves and hats! I’ve always hated revealing clothes. I’m terrible uncomfortable in summer clothes… 💜

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  6. It never fails when I try to crisp up garlic bread I burn it. Over 50 years now. Just burnt some a week ago.
    Ohhhhh my. My dads parents were the only ones I knew. Grandad had false teeth and when he chewed they clicked. Every meal with them click click my brother and I would giggle. This was 55 years ago so you would think grandma would do the ironing. She may have ironed grandads shirts but he ironed his own t-shirts and underwater. 😳😳😳😳
    Grandma would let us play with the snake in a can. They had a round footstool. Had a lid and inside was a sock monkey. The fun we had.
    I really can’t think of anything to ask you Kim. I know little snip-its of your life already.

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    1. I can’t figure out those bread take and bake things either! Garlic bread is the weirdest! I hear you! The teeth clicking! Oh how funny! The ironing… my hubby does our ironing as his grandpa owned a dry cleaning business with steam pressing! Snake in a can! I played that too. You already know way too much about me Margie! 😆😆😆


  7. What was your biggest kitchen fail?
    There’s many, but one that stands out is, I made this beef soup, stew, something…and it was the saltiest thing!! Awful!! So I put potatoes in it to draw out some of the salt. When I took the potatoes out it was less salty, Stuart liked it…I still think it was disgusting!! I think my husband just loves me, or has very few taste buds.
    What do you remember best about your grandparents? Depends on which one. My only grandfather, I don’t really remember him speaking, he always chewed juicyfruit chewing gum and never shared. His wife was the meanest woman alive, until she got really old, but she made the best lemon pound cake. My mom’s mom made Frankentoys! I loved it!! She took broken old toys from kids she nannied for and Maddie new toys! I had cool one of a kind toys!
    You may ask me one question… 
    What did you do with all your cool momentos you had hanging in your house? Like the tricycle?

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    1. Damn salty stew! I know about that kind of fail! Yes… Stuart loves you, Jeff loves me… they eat our mistakes and tell us it’s great. Poor guys! 😆 your memories are kinda funny… such wild things to remember… juicy fruit, mean old grandma but that pound cake! (Funny!) The Frankentoys! The COOLEST!!! Wow, I WANT one!
      Your question for me- well, the trike and baby chair are stored with my sister. The lunch boxes are at my moms… sadly, I’ll be selling those and all other nicnacks this summer. Cannot part with the trike or baby chair tho. (Maybe not ALL of the lunch boxes will be sold!😜) 💜


  8. 1. What was your biggest kitchen fail? It was awful! I needed to get dinner ready to serve to my husband’s grandparents and I thought that if I added the hard noodles to the dish they would cook along with the rest……….ahhh………no! It was a big bowl of paste and we ordeded pizza.
    2. What do you remember best about your grandparents? they cared very little about me
    3. You may ask me one question… only one 🙂 If you had to go back in time and be a teen in another decade, which one would it be?

    I hope today is treating you well………thank you for the fun! 🙂

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    1. Oh no! You have to buy the special noodles! (Lordy, I’ve had a LOT of kitchen fails!!!)😆😆😆 your grandparents didn’t care? That’s just wrong. Well, their loss. BIG TIME!
      Your question for me- go back and be a teen in another decade? The 60s babee! I’d want to be like RIZZO from Grease, but I’d more than likely end up more like Sandy! (Pre pink lady makeover!) I think the 60s would be ‘far out!’ 😎


  9. 1. When I was a child, I tried to make sugar cookies for the whole family. Except I forgot to add the sugar.
    2. Good question! What I remember most about my gramma is that she was silly and had a positive outlook. Whenever we would ask how she’s doing, she would say “oh, can’t complain. Wouldn’t do any good if i did!” For my grandpa (on my mom’s side), I remember him being a very calm, quiet, and gentle man. He was very sweet. And for my grandpa on my dad’s side, I remember how smart he was.
    3. Yay! So hard to think of just one! What is your favorite book?

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    1. Sugar cookies without the sugar! Ouch! 😆 love your grandparents memories… sweet. “Can’t complain!” Awe.
      Your question for me- favorite book??? Man! Hard to pick one. My fav is The House of Spirits by Isabelle Allende! It was such a good read!!! Thanks Lindsay! Great to have you back on #WAY! 😊💫


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