Stay Healthy On The Road? (RV Tattles #2)

***Disclaimer. I am not an expert in RVland. I just RV fulltime. Period. This is a tattletale post, entirely for fun, with a tidbit of truth you may find helpful! I love #RVlife!

(By healthy I mean eating, exercise, and lifestyle! I’m not a bodybuilder!)

How do I stay healthy on the road? (I don’t!) I have a chronic illness! ‘Healthy’ is the epitome of an enigma in my present world. But it’s time to outsmart the drudgery!

RV Eating. It feels like you are on vacation… you eat like you are on vacation… don’t do this! You are not on vacation! Portion control is your friend. By the way, so is the celery! Google it!

RV Exercising. You are in a home on wheels! Packing up every few days and moving to a new RV Park. Staying maybe a couple weeks at one site, otherwise moving and moving. This is exercise! (No, it isn’t.) Exercise increases your heart rate… I know, I know, but the truth needs to be told! Figure out how to get your heart rate up! Dance, walk, climb stairs! Just do it!

Try these awesome tunes to get your body moving. (Change up songs as you wish, these seem to work for me!)

Slowly… stretch, move those hips, and breathe!

Now, turn it up and MOVE!!! Jazz for your soul!

Finish Strong! Get those arms up and keep on clapping through the whole Booze Cruise! Yee-Haw!

Cool down, maybe take a short walk…

That is all it takes, once a day!

Live your best life!




14 thoughts on “Stay Healthy On The Road? (RV Tattles #2)

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  1. I chuckled when I read “how do I stay healthy?” Because you’re right. I am healthy as I can be on any given day but chronic illness makes it more difficult to feel healthy.
    Eating like your home because you are. Just because we are in the RV camping doesn’t mean we should have s’mores every night. Moderation in all things. Even the peaches I drink in peach schnapps. Lol.
    Thanks for making it real to everyone. Exercise is a key component and not always easy to do without paying a price. It is my hope that I can do it so regular my body gives up fighting and screaming at me to just comply and do it. Positive thoughts right?
    Thanks for sharing the journey with us

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    1. Patty, yes! We do our best… but I’m not doing any swim suit cover shots! EVER! Bottom line is… moderation. You nailed it! Just move when you can, rest when you can, and eat what makes sense. Choices! Make good ones. Days you can move, do. Days when you can’t, don’t! (I’ll be stopping over to test that peach schnapps.) 😆💜


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