What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #51)

I blog, I get sick of me! I want to hear from you!

There are no wrong answers!

Most important, this is for fun! Have some fun!


  1. You are granted the power to make one rule everyone must follow for one day! What is the rule you will proclaim over the land!?!?
  2. Name one thing you WILL NOT share.
  3. Do you remember your first OFFICIAL date? (Sweet.) Where did you go?


  1. Everyone will deposit $50. bucks into my checking account… KIDDING! Only $10… Seriously, I would just like to hear the basics of good manners, please, and thank you! 
  2. My jalapeno poppers! Back off!
  3. I remember mine! I was so nervous… we went to a movie, some Clint Eastwood/Dirty Harry flick, and then to the Hardees where all the cool kids hung out! It was a great first date. 

29 thoughts on “What About You? (Sunday Quick Questions #51)

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  1. 1. No one should support or speak kindly of Tottenham Hotspur FC – for the record they are the local rivals of my football team, The Arsenal.
    2. My macaroni cheese.
    3. Her feet really smelled something awful. I heard she married a submariner. That’s not me being anti-feminist because I’m not, but it is true.

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  2. 1- I live in Florida so I’d love for all the tourists and snowbirds to use their blinkers. Lol
    2- Guacamole love the stuff.
    3- because we met in Match we choose to meet in person first. Then have our first date. Our first official date was Carrabas where he drank two mojitos before the food arrived. Then I drive us across the street to the movies. He is so shy and nerdy. Held my hand during the movie but didn’t kiss me until our fourth date. I walked up to him and said “are you gonna kiss me or not” that became our first dance son at the wedding. Thompson Square “Are you gonna kiss me or not”

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  3. – To be kind to others. To look around. It’s not always about you.
    – My laptop/ my side of the bed (don’t laugh).
    – We went for a walk, then kissed by the river. It was great, except for the kiss. He was older, I thought he knew what he was doing, and I was like wtf???

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  4. Be kind, honest, and fair.

    I will never share my pizzelles. I don’t have an iron to make them so I have to buy them and when I do I will NOT share them because they are miiiiiiine.

    We went to a coffee shop. I got a vanilla latte and he got a hazelnut. We were both incredibly shy introverts so very little was said, but we sat listening to the music for quite a long time… which is exactly what we both would do in a coffee shop anyway.

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    1. Amen on Kit’s rule day! Shouldn’t have to be so hard. The pizzelles! I wonder if those are similar to krumkake? I used to make those… I promise not to touch your pizzelles! Maybe.😉😆 cute, a coffee shop date. I am trying to think of you as shy! I love those coffee shop dates! 💜


  5. 1. Everybody must get stoned! Sorry, wrong Tom. One thing everyone must do, for one entire day, and I think it should be a Tuesday, is shed their former beliefs and biases and really learn who they are and how that true self relates to the world at large. Or get stoned. Same thing.

    2. I thought you meant a secret and I was like “tricky Kim, trying to get me to share that one secret I would never share!” But you mean, like, food or a personal item, eh? Golly, I share my favorite pen, my computer, my beer, and (even) my Mexican food when I got it. Sometimes even when I don’t want to! So, I’ll go transcendental again with this one: I will never ever share the burden of my personal internal conflicts. No one else should encounter them. They are mine to battle alone! (also, get your DAMN hands off my quesadilla!)

    3. We met at a party and made out later. Is that a date?

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    1. I think everyone getting stoned at the same time on “Toms Tuesday” would create a lot of shedding… beliefs, biases, clothes… I like it!
      2. Quesadilla! Can’t touch that! One day that burden/conflict should be turned into a book! Just sayin!
      3. Nope, not a date! That’s what I called a Friday night. 😉

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  6. Another great set of questions Kim! 🙂

    1. You are granted the power to make one rule everyone must follow for one day! What is the rule you will proclaim over the land!?!? what a great question……..I think it would be, everyone must be kind…….one day, every single person on the planet, i think it could be a huge win.

    2. Name one thing you WILL NOT share. – my husband

    3. Do you remember your first OFFICIAL date? (Sweet.) Where did you go? I do not remeber my first official date……..I guess it wasn’t very special. 🙂

    I hope today is being good to you!

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    1. One good thing a day! Kindness. Definitely a WIN. Won’t share your hubby? I tried to share mine, he said no!😈 I guess we will never be sister wives! Ouch! Polygamy just not in the cards!😆😆😆 No bueno… first date? Well… I bet you broke enough hearts! 💜 Because… You Rock, Wendi!!! Always fun to read your answers. Hope all is manageable and calm! 😊💝

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      1. 🙂 your responses always make me laugh, thank you! you are right, we will never be sister wives you know why? because there is no man on this planet who could handle both of us! 🙂 🙂
        i hope your day is turning out as awesome as you!

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  7. Great questions!
    1. everyone would have to say at least one nice thing to every person they see each day.
    2. my toothbrush! yuck!
    3. I think my first official date, where he came and picked me up at my house (and not just a group date where we all hung out) was when I was 17. He picked me up and took me to dinner and a movie. It was fun, and I was impressed that he had planned a nice date and paid for everything!

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  8. 1) You must be kind
    2) I’m not going to share what I won’t share.
    3) I remember that date with Curtis. It was unforgettable for so many reasons. Also, we never went out again. Probably for the best. Mona

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