5 Frustrations with Fibromyalgia (by Caz at Invisibly Me)

This is Caz, she writes Invisibly Me... these are the top five frustrations most of us deal with. Many thanks, Caz for being my guest today!  May is Fibromyalgia Awareness Month (with May 12th being awareness day). Today I thought I’d cover some of the frustrations with fibro. Okay, so the frustrations are potentially limitless,... Continue Reading →

Fibromyalgia Awareness (kinda)

May is Fibromyalgia Awareness month! So to put a little spin on information and awareness, we will learn today what it feels like to have fibromyalgia using everyday scenarios! Here are two possible explanations. Which one fits you best? Which one would you use to explain to someone how it feels to have fibromyalgia? The... Continue Reading →

I’m Stuck

I don't know how this post is going to turn out, but here it goes. Maybe if I write it down, I'll figure it out. I'm stuck! And I need to get unstuck. We are once again planning on putting our house on the market, and we have so much to pack I don't know... Continue Reading →

Moody Monday (Parameters of Living a Good Life.)

I have been 'gone' for a while, getting things back on track... succumbing to bed rest for days. But that is over. I'm back! To start out Moody Monday, let's pretend we are at some little hole in the wall bar and I am reading to you... it's open mic night!  Host: "First up to read tonight...... Continue Reading →

Hello Chronic Illness Vampire!

When is the last time you asked someone how they were and meant it? You really wanted to know how another person is doing? Physically and emotionally? Not asking out of politeness or obligation. Not asking so you can tell that person about your issues. What was the last conversation you had that was not about... Continue Reading →

After I Tripped; New Hobbies. (Friday Series #11)

I was now staying with one of my sisters at my Dad's old home place on a farm. Small, 2 bedrooms, screened in porch, on a lake with farmland that we rented to another neighbor... I found utter peace during those months I lived in that old farmhouse with my sister. I was attending therapy;... Continue Reading →

Fake It Until, Oh Stop!

I'm not a fan of the saying, "Fake it till you make it." Just STOP being a faker. I just get mad when I hear, "Push through the pain." Push t-h-r-o-u-g-h the pain??? Then what? There is no reward for pushing through the pain unless you are giving birth. A person with a chronic pain disease... Continue Reading →

After I Tripped; A New Physical Therapist (Friday Series #10)

(Disclaimer: The STS machine is no longer available for treatment in the USA. The machine is no longer made. I do not know why. I purchased my own STS machine in 2001, and I still use it to this day.) I started going to physical therapy to work with a man named Dave Solheim. He... Continue Reading →

After I Tripped; The Diagnosis (Friday Series #9)

Returning to my parent's home in 2001 in Minnesota was comforting, yet disconcerting, and a bit embarrassing at my age. (I was 33 years old, almost 34!) I was moved into the 'office' and slept on a pullout couch. I don't think I did anything the first week but cry and sleep. My Mom brought... Continue Reading →

Let’s Make a Smash Book!

What is a smash book you ask? It is similar to scrapbooking without the rules. All those pictures you don't know what to do with? Put them into a smash book. Letters, notes, pictures your kid colored for you, trinkets, the instruction sheet on how to use your voodoo doll ... SMASH it all in this... Continue Reading →

It’s ‘Come to Jesus’ Time! (No Bullshit.)

Do you know what 'come to Jesus' time is? It's truth time! I'm sure you've had many of these types of discussions with your parents, children, spouses, etc...tell the truth and no bullshit allowed, no excuses. So here I go... I've been in a mediocre flare for the last week. Just enough pain to put... Continue Reading →

How Do I Record My Medical History?

Since I am back to searching for a new primary doctor, I am revisiting these steps. I need to update all of my medical records. I thought I'd share my outline with you. I hope it is helpful. You are responsible for your medical history. I always carry a list with me. When I get... Continue Reading →

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