Let’s Get Married! (Magic Memory)

The hubby and I started dating a bit later in life… I was 37, and he was 43. (Yes, we have known each other our entire lives.) Once we began dating in September of 2003, we moved in together about six months later and were married in October of 2004. We already knew each other’s families, and there wasn’t any mystery or surprises… but there was love, moving from loving each other as only friends to being in love with each other. (There is a big difference.)

The proposal…

Me: Are we thinking we are going to have kids?

Jeff: I don’t know.


Sure if you want to.

I want to be married.


Because we have 15 nieces and nephews, who are looking to us to set an example!

Let’s start planning…

(Romantic, no?)

Picking the venue…

Me: We should get married at the Boy Scout camp.

Jeff: You’d agree to that? Because I think we should. It’s perfect for a wedding! I’ve always thought that’d be the perfect place!

We can’t just do Vegas? Little white chapel? Elvis impersonator? If it was good enough for Brittany Spears… (Kim sings) 🎵🎶 I’m a genie in a bottle baby… 🎶🎵

No! No way, I’m not interested. We will get married with our families surrounding us.

At the Boy Scout camp?


Securing the venue… Camp Wilderness Boy Scout Camp.

Jeff: This is perfect. Chapel in the Pines.

Kim: This is gonna take some work! I think I want to be a genie in a bottle


Alright! This will be just great!

(To be continued…)

Let’s remember to thank Brittany for my vocals! (Christina!)

I’m a genie in a bottle. Brittany Spears Christina Aguilera!!!

A Lost Battle (Magic Memory)

Every ten years, since my dad turned 60, we put together a scrapbook for him. We’ve done three. He is 89 and soon will be due for his next book…

I have been spending more time with my parents in the past few months to assist my siblings in their care. Age waits for no one. I was looking at his scrapbooks and a page that I had done jumped out at me. I could literally taste salt. I remembered this taste on my lips after I kissed my brother’s forehead when he passed away on August 18th, 2003 at the Brook Army Medical Center. It felt like some sort of surreal recall. I want to share the scrapbook page.

I will write out the memory that’s on this page so it’s easier to read but I wanted you to see the page. I’m not a gifted scrapbooker, but this is no ordinary memory… this is what I wrote about my brother’s final two days of life.

To Dad:

It was August 17th, 2003.

You and Keith were getting ready to fly out of San Antonio, Texas.

I was getting ready to return to Kory at the hospital.

You turned to me and said, “Your Dad’s gonna stay here with you.”

I felt relief wash through me, I needed you to stay and you did.


It was August 17th, 2003.

I recited the bedtime prayer I knew by heart.

Now I lay me down to sleep… Kory seemed to quiet.

When I finished, you looked at me and said, “You are a good sister to Kory.”

I kissed Kory goodbye.


It was August 18th, 2003.

I left the hospital, you called me.

A mere half hour had passed.

“Kory is gone, you better come back here.”

I returned to the hospital.


It was August 18th, 2003.

You looked up at me and said, “What do we do now?”

In that moment, you needed me and I was there.

In that moment, I truly saw you, a father who had lost his son.

I loved you more and am forever changed and humbled.


Together we brought him home…

To better times. Have a safe and happy 4th of July!



The Intruder in the Night (Magic Memory)

I have fibromyalgia and some coexisting conditions. I experience a cognitive dysfunction known as fibro fog. I need to do mind work every day. When a memory strikes, I write about it! It’s ‘magic’ in my mind, simply because I remember it!

I had to be 13, maybe 14 years old. My parents were out of town at a state school board conference. I was left at home to care for my two younger siblings. A boy we’ll call ‘Jon,’ was one year younger than me, and my sister, who I’ll refer to as ‘Leah’ was six years my junior. (The eldest three siblings, graduated and had moved out.)

It was warm, I really remember the heat. We had lightning storms with blinding sheets of pouring rain. It was about two in the morning, and I heard rustling around in my little sister’s room. I got up and went to check on her. She was going through her dresser drawers in the dark. [OK, this is weird, I wonder if she’s been turned into a child zombie.] 

“Hey Leah, what are you doing?”

“I need to find my long johns.”

“Are you cold?”

“I need to find my long johns.”

I began searching through her drawers with her. I was sweating! Why did she need her long johns? Then I hear the wood crack on a step leading to the upstairs where my sister and I were. I knew my brother was asleep in his room in the basement, so hollering for his help wouldn’t work.

“Can we look for your long johns in the morning?”


“Back into bed, quickly.”

The next crack of the wood stair was closer. I figured the nighttime invader had to be close to arriving upstairs where we were. I shut the door to my little sister’s room behind me. [I’m sure we will be murdered at this point, but I wasn’t going to let this intruder past me.] I walked to the end of the hall towards the stairs picking up a baseball bat on my way. I positioned myself and got ready to take the perfect swing and knock the intruder down the stairs.

There was the intruder! He was rising up from the last step. I stepped into my swing, stopping just short of his head.

“Jesus Kim, what are you doing!?!?”

“Jon! What the hell are you doing out of bed!?!?”

“What are you doing with a bat?”

“What… good lord I could’ve killed you.”

“I was hungry, then I heard you and Leah, and I wanted to see what you were doing.”

“Go to bed, Jon! NOW!”

I slept fitfully that night, and when I woke in the morning, I went into my sister’s room and said, “Let’s look for those long johns then…”

She had no idea what I was talking about…


The Range (Magic Memory)

Hello! You probably know my name is Kim and I have Fibromyalgia Syndrome. I also have significant cognitive difficulties because of it… so I blog! It is definitely mind work. I wanted to start writing some bits and pieces that I remember from different times in my life. The reason? These memories are called ‘magic’ simply because I can remember them! 

My husband (Jeff) and I got actually got married at the Boy Scout Camp I will be talking about. We rented the entire camp and threw a weekend wedding party… but I’m getting ahead of myself. This is about my husband, as well as my three brothers, and my nephews who were all members of The Boy Scouts of America. Only my husband went all the way and received his Eagle Scout rank, meaning he earned all his required merit badges and completed all of his service project requirements by the age of 17. That, folks, is the pinnacle of honors. Our nephews followed along in Boy Scouts starting in Cub Scouts, then Webelos, to Boy Scouts. You need to get specific merit badges to complete each level, and you age out at 17.

My husband continued to serve his Boy Scout camp as he worked there the summers he was home from college. Eventually, he went to ‘camp school,’ to become an instructor. Jeff’s area of expertise was shooting… he was (and is) a dead eye. [Fun fact: Whenever we run into his old camp instructor buddies there are multiple low whispers of “s-h-o-o-t-e-r…”] My husband became the range instructor, eventually independently writing the current manual used by the Boy Scouts, to this day, “Range Set-Up and Safety.”

Here’s my man in full instructor mode in the following picture.

(I need to be clear, this is NOT a post about gun laws or opinions. This is only a post about how my family members learned gun safety and awareness, starting with proper training in The Boy Scouts of America.)

First, and always there is respect shown to the United States of America’s flag.


The Webelos shooting range is for BB gun practice only. The older scouts may join in. That is my father-in-law in the foreground (he is a decorated Scout Master) with one of my nephews in the first picture. In the second picture, two of my older nephews, who are Boy Scouts, are participating in the BB gun shooting range.


This following picture is the range for the Boy Scouts who learn everything there is to know about a .22 caliber rifle and also get to practice shooting these guns with instructors on site.


I consider this a magic memory because this was done on a family weekend. Three generations together, learning, growing, and enjoying puppy breaks!


I hope you enjoyed my first magic memory post!

Live your best life!