Moody Monday (A Discord Between Sisters)

A Discord Between Sisters


I have been understood and misunderstood.

I have done the same.

I’m not sure how to fix any of it

It certainly cannot be changed.


People suggest;

“moving on” or “going from here”

But that does not fix the hurt

or change the memories.


I think you must accept the hurt

and forgive the lack of understanding.

Revisiting old wounds

does no good.


Strive to do better,

be better.

That is my promise.

That is what I will do.



Moody Monday (once upon a rhyme)

once upon a rhyme


twinkling little star

i see you shine

so bright i do


jumping silly cow

up over that moon

i’ll jump too


hey little kitty

don’t forget your fiddle

play a tune for me


up above this world

it is so very high

i’ll run away with you



Moody Monday (Strike First)

Strike First

The Intruder is here,

 Dawn breaks.

I strike first!

Fast and true.

It reflects then screams.


I hit high then low,

But I am met blow for blow.

Hand to hand combat,

The hours’ flow.

The sun recedes, the sky turns mean.


We move,

  Figures in the dark. 

Dancing wildly,

Until I plummet.

Into the abyss.


I wake at dawn.

The Intruder is here,

I struggle but strike first!

Fast and true.

Pain reflects then screams…



Moody Monday (Masquerade)



a part to be played

I thought it amusing

no deciphering this gala

no riddle to be solved


attendance sublime

dancers seductively pursuing

magnificently masked sensations

suspended in perpetual animation


abruptly the music is silenced

masks floated to the floor

this masquerade is over

deceptive faces failed




Moody Monday (Mystic)



born in a storm

the night mystic

of no one


visiting this world

waiting for her reckoning

the call will come



the calculation near

she faces Fear


the night mystic

deemed blameless

transcends from this world



Moody Monday (The Knocking)

The Knocking


she left him once

the radio singing her back

but she drove on

the phone chirping his frequent calls


she left a note

baby i love you but i do not love what you do…


he disbelieved

he raged

how dare she

never again will she


for three days

she held out

sorrow her only friend

until they talked again


she returned to him


revisiting their dreams

the infestation left quietly unaccounted for


the knocking

knock knock knocking…

began again

he let go of his soul


she saw it 

heard his lies

looked past his vacant eyes

viewed the obsession that was his life


she can’t take on the road again

but she won’t answer

the knock just gets louder

knock  knock  knocking…





A Message in a Song (Shatter Me)

Day in and day out we deal with sameness, what would you give to feel alive again? Look for that light… I promise it’s shining. ~k.

“Somebody shine a light, I’m frozen by the fear in me…”

Shatter Me (lyrics) Lindsey Stirling (ft. Lzzy Hale)



Moody Monday (My Days)

My Days


My days dissolve

one bumping into the next,

a struggle ensues.


I try to stand clear

but my heart engaged,

 an ambush of time.


I split in two.


Today materializes as a memory

tomorrow never arrives,

out loud.


I wait for anyone

to appear,

and exorcize my fears.



A Message in a Song (Don’t Give Up on Me)

For my husband who never gave up on me. You fought for me so I’m not giving up. ~k.

“I will fight for you, I always do until my heart is black and blue…”

“Don’t Give Up On Me” by Andy Grammer (Lyrics)

Thank you for fighting for me, my forever love.

 ~your wife.


Moody Monday (Emma Blue)

I will try my best to explain…

I have had a nickname since high school, my friends began calling me Emma. (Long story.) Many of you know I wish my name was C.C. Rockefeller but we don’t always get what we want. C.C. Rockefeller would be the confident, smart ass, public persona part of me. (FYI: I don’t have nor have I ever been diagnosed with multiple personalities but I do respect those who have.) The part of me who is Emma is the best friend, the listener, the compassionate one.


Emma Blue is just the best parts of me, all rolled up into one. I love that she has no fear. She could care less what others think and is never one to turn down a challenge! She is fun! She is who I long to be.



Emma Blue

is that you?

Once she’s here

I disappear.


She is laughter

and revelry!

She is sunshine 

and the moon.


Emma Blue

it’s your turn.


I need to laugh

and feel the sun.

I want to dance

under the smiling moon.


Emma Blue

I call…

Once she’s here,

I can disappear.




Moody Monday (Dark is Life)

Dark is Life


sometimes I feel the end is near

how unreal I feel

yet no sorrow is maintained

only peace not pain


sometimes I feel my heart start to cry

I reach to dry the despair I feel

yet no answers have I found

only knowledge of an end


sometimes I feel light on my face

but darkness succeeds

death is dark

dark is life


sometimes I feel like ending it all

of reaching the light

of healing my heart

but dark is life




(Originally written in 1987. I attended three funerals of relatives in close succession. After the third funeral, I wrote this and burnt my ‘funeral’ dress ~ hoping to stave off any more funerals, I was 18. There, of course, have been many more funerals over the course of 30 plus years. I recently attended two funerals in one week and felt this was fitting to publish. I doubt I will be burning any clothes.)

Moody Monday (Book of Life)

Book of Life


Once fairy tales are exposed,

There is no going back.

What are we to do?

Where is our mirror on the wall?


This life is ours.

Living it disillusioned, 

Will not bring us

To happily ever afters.


Time to open the book of life.

Find the goodness in reality,

Beauty in the arts,

Freedom in nature.