Moody Monday (A Discord Between Sisters)

A Discord Between Sisters ~ I have been understood and misunderstood. I have done the same. I'm not sure how to fix any of it It certainly cannot be changed. . People suggest; "moving on" or "going from here" But that does not fix the hurt or change the memories. . I think you must... Continue Reading →

Moody Monday (once upon a rhyme)

once upon a rhyme . twinkling little star i see you shine so bright i do . jumping silly cow up over that moon i'll jump too . hey little kitty don't forget your fiddle play a tune for me . up above this world it is so very high i'll run away with you... Continue Reading →

Moody Monday (Strike First)

Strike First The Intruder is here,  Dawn breaks. I strike first! Fast and true. It reflects then screams. ~ I hit high then low, But I am met blow for blow. Hand to hand combat, The hours' flow. The sun recedes, the sky turns mean. ~ We move,   Figures in the dark.  Dancing wildly,... Continue Reading →

Moody Monday (Masquerade)

Masquerade ~ a part to be played I thought it amusing no deciphering this gala no riddle to be solved . attendance sublime dancers seductively pursuing magnificently masked sensations suspended in perpetual animation . abruptly the music is silenced masks floated to the floor this masquerade is over deceptive faces failed . ~k.Lynel  

Moody Monday (Mystic)

Mystic ~~~ born in a storm the night mystic of no one . visiting this world waiting for her reckoning the call will come . unrevealed the calculation near she faces Fear . the night mystic deemed blameless transcends from this world . ~k.Lynel

Moody Monday (The Knocking)

The Knocking . she left him once the radio singing her back but she drove on the phone chirping his frequent calls . she left a note baby i love you but i do not love what you do... . he disbelieved he raged how dare she never again will she . for three days... Continue Reading →

A Message in a Song (Shatter Me)

Day in and day out we deal with sameness, what would you give to feel alive again? Look for that light... I promise it's shining. ~k. "Somebody shine a light, I'm frozen by the fear in me..." Shatter Me (lyrics) Lindsey Stirling (ft. Lzzy Hale)    

Moody Monday (My Days)

My Days . My days dissolve one bumping into the next, a struggle ensues. . I try to stand clear but my heart engaged,  an ambush of time. . I split in two. . Today materializes as a memory tomorrow never arrives, out loud. . I wait for anyone to appear, and exorcize my fears.... Continue Reading →

A Message in a Song (Don’t Give Up on Me)

For my husband who never gave up on me. You fought for me so I'm not giving up. ~k. "I will fight for you, I always do until my heart is black and blue..." "Don't Give Up On Me" by Andy Grammer (Lyrics) Thank you for fighting for me, my forever love.  ~your wife.... Continue Reading →

Moody Monday (Emma Blue)

I will try my best to explain... I have had a nickname since high school, my friends began calling me Emma. (Long story.) Many of you know I wish my name was C.C. Rockefeller but we don't always get what we want. C.C. Rockefeller would be the confident, smart ass, public persona part of me.... Continue Reading →

Moody Monday (Dark is Life)

Dark is Life . sometimes I feel the end is near how unreal I feel yet no sorrow is maintained only peace not pain . sometimes I feel my heart start to cry I reach to dry the despair I feel yet no answers have I found only knowledge of an end . sometimes I... Continue Reading →

Moody Monday (Book of Life)

Book of Life . Once fairy tales are exposed, There is no going back. What are we to do? Where is our mirror on the wall? . This life is ours. Living it disillusioned,  Will not bring us To happily ever afters. . Time to open the book of life. Find the goodness in reality,... Continue Reading →

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