My mom passed away today. I will be taking a break to attend to family matters.

Tribe Bracelets, Yes, “Tribe!”

I color. I doodle. I Zentangle! Now I make Tribe Bracelets! It’s just me, making what is otherwise known as friendship bracelets. When I am in pain, I escape by creating a bracelet. It is mind work. It is healing.

There are two patterns that I really like, so I make them. (They are not big and bulky but nicely sized, fun pieces!) I like the knotted pattern and the staircase pattern. I think they look cool in twos! I have made many, none are perfect. Conquering pain is not a time to strive for perfection. However, good energy is focused on each and every knot in every single bracelet!


I’m considering selling them; here on my blog. I can’t wear them all…my hubby can’t wear any more either. (We tried.)



Update! Now available for purchase!  Tribe Bracelets! Thank you for all the interest! Time to find YOUR tribe! I invite you!!!

PayPal will only allow me a single payment option… so a set of TWO bracelets will cost $6.50. The shipping and handling charges are included for USA shipping as well as overseas! If you do not have PayPal but still want to purchase a Tribe Bracelet set, email me at 

Click here to purchase!

If you wouldn’t mind, and you have time, answer a couple (non-binding) questions for me;

  1. Do you have PayPal? (Since I’m a full-time RVer, this would all have to be done through PayPal!)
  2. Would you pay $5 for a matching set of two Tribe Bracelets?  (I’d just be recouping my costs, shipping/handling in the USA add $1, shipping/handling overseas add $2.)

This is what my Tribe Bracelets mean to me...

  • Tribe Bracelets are physical reminders of the inner strength you possess to ‘get through’ the tough times.
  • Tribe Bracelets are so you always remember, you are not alone.
  • Tribe Bracelets are your worry beads, your wish bracelet, your grounding tool.


Live your best life!




Lite ‘Em Up!

Lite ’em up!

-The husband’s war cry heard only by me!

Can you believe it is December? You all know what that means! The reason for the season! The haze of frenzied holiday shopping…

Or does the holiday not exist for you? Too many shenanigans to even deal with? Well, I have news! You still get to deal with the frazzled nerves of retail clerks and rude people. In the real world, they are everywhere!

What happens when you need to purchase some groceries, and your clerk is in a dark mood? What about the guy in line who just can’t be bothered to acknowledge you? How about the lady with the cart who stops right in front of you and parks it?

My hubby is an even-keeled individual. He rarely lets anything upset him! However, it bugs him when someone is just a crab ass, and out to ruin everyone else’s day! He wants everyone to simply be good citizens and perform their duties as they should! If you are in the service business, you provide service with a smile! If you are in a public place, you have manners and be a pleasant person to be around. Period. (Bless his heart!)

I am not even-tempered. I like to play the invisible game… I just pretend rude people do not exist. I can ignore screaming triplets with ease. No problem. If I come across you and you are crabby… have a rotten day! But I’m gonna have a good day!

However, my husband has requested that I use my powers for good! So I engage…

My husband will shop with me. We make trips to the store together. Partly because he now can, and I don’t have to go solo anymore. There are times when he is just scared, I may be having a bad symptom day. Even on decent days, I may not make it through a shopping trip unscathed… I’m a bit of a gravity checker. Don’t dwell on that. I don’t!

As we go about our business, my husband will approach me from time to time and say, “Lite ’em up!” I will approach the offending individual, size them up and… well… say something.

Here is an example:

WalMart. A recent trip…

Checking out our groceries was a slight of a man, not in a very decent mood at all. Just so unnecessary. I got the signal, “Lite ’em up!” I tore myself away from the tabloid magazines and walked up to the clerk with a roll of Mentos in my hand. (Mentos, best mints ever!) The clerk asked if I was with him? (The hubby was ahead of me bagging groceries.) I pointed at my hubby and said, “Him? No… but I’m sure he won’t mind paying for these… if he gets mad, I’ll just let him keep my Mentos.” The clerk stopped completely and looked at my husband and back at me. I whispered, “It’ll be fine, he doesn’t look that big.” (Everyone was silent.) My husband started to laugh, then I did too. The clerk began laughing so hard he teared up.

We saw this guy a few days later, he remembered us and greeted us like old friends! What did it cost us to be kind? Nothing.

We do this! All. The. Time. Never the same script. You just watch the person and figure out what will work. Easy!

When someone is having a difficult day, why not make it better? A compliment. A kind inquiry. Just say please and thank you! It isn’t that hard. I just read my friend Billy Mac’s post called “My Best Work.” It is about simply being aware of the people around you and being kind. Have a quick read! GO! Together we can make this world a better, kinder place to live.

Live your best life!


Let’s Get Married! (Magic Memory)

The hubby and I started dating a bit later in life… I was 37, and he was 43. (Yes, we have known each other our entire lives.) Once we began dating in September of 2003, we moved in together about six months later and were married in October of 2004. We already knew each other’s families, and there wasn’t any mystery or surprises… but there was love, moving from loving each other as only friends to being in love with each other. (There is a big difference.)

The proposal…

Me: Are we thinking we are going to have kids?

Jeff: I don’t know.


Sure if you want to.

I want to be married.


Because we have 15 nieces and nephews, who are looking to us to set an example!

Let’s start planning…

(Romantic, no?)

Picking the venue…

Me: We should get married at the Boy Scout camp.

Jeff: You’d agree to that? Because I think we should. It’s perfect for a wedding! I’ve always thought that’d be the perfect place!

We can’t just do Vegas? Little white chapel? Elvis impersonator? If it was good enough for Brittany Spears… (Kim sings) 🎵🎶 I’m a genie in a bottle baby… 🎶🎵

No! No way, I’m not interested. We will get married with our families surrounding us.

At the Boy Scout camp?


Securing the venue… Camp Wilderness Boy Scout Camp.

Jeff: This is perfect. Chapel in the Pines.

Kim: This is gonna take some work! I think I want to be a genie in a bottle


Alright! This will be just great!

(To be continued…)

Let’s remember to thank Brittany for my vocals! (Christina!)

I’m a genie in a bottle. Brittany Spears Christina Aguilera!!!

The House on Taylor Street (My Ugly Kitchen)

Well here’s a little post that you requested from a while back. I talked about my house on Taylor Street’s kitchen. It was an ugly kitchen but it was MY KIND of ugly! So I have rooted around and found a few photos. I do not have access to my entire box of photos right now. Let me explain, the pictures are packed in a moving box, one of many of common size that I forgot to label… (help!)

I usually do not take pictures in my kitchen… but I’ll post what I found.

When my husband and I moved into the house on Taylor Street we came straight from an eclectic Uptown brownstone. No yard! Small, galley kitchen. All our possessions were second hand. (I liked the hunt through thrift stores and estate sales to find my prizes.) When one of my nieces asked me if she could go play in the back yard (little suburban raised child). I said, “We don’t have one, poor people don’t have backyards.” I believe if looks could kill, my sister would have seen to my demise at that very moment. SNAP! (Statement retracted.)

Let’s just get this out of the way, my elephant in the room. I love collecting metal lunch boxes! I try to find meaningful ones. I like TV shows I watched as a kid. Toys I played with, books I read, and the like. It’s a bit of an issue. But! I have never paid more than $7 for any of my lunchboxes. That’s a win! And! I get to share my collection with you! Any of theses lunchboxes mean anything to you? Which would you pick???

Have to put a few backyard shots in as this was my view from the big kitchen window!

It was a good kitchen. Ugly but as I said, my kind of ugly and no one ever said differently. Many impromptu parties occurred as neighbors wandered over. We had back yard parties (we had a bonfire pit!). There were porch parties, and one memorable wine and jazz ladies party. I had a surprise birthday for my hubby’s 45th birthday in that house. The house on Taylor Street… we close on the 5th of September. It remains a place I will go to for many Magic Memories! They will be good memories, all good.


The House on Taylor Street (Looming House Inspection)

This is where I try to sound like I know what I’m doing, but I really only have a 50/50 shot of coming out of this unscathed. Right now, it is 5:14 AM. Neither the hubby nor I can sleep any longer. The day of the home inspection is here! A man who literally holds the key to Jeff and I being able to sell our home in two weeks arrives at 10AM. I feel the left side of my chest tighten, the acidity of bile burns the back of my throat… I am terrified.

We never got our bathroom finished. We’ve lived in this house for 14 years. The beautiful artsy neighborhood referred to as the Arts District in northeast Minneapolis. The day we signed our mortgage papers, we knew there were three things we wanted to do. We planned to pull the carpet, hardwoods were underneath and the white oak needed to be given back some life! The bathroom, I wanted that subway tile with a black and white checked floor for as long as I could remember. The beauty of buying an old home is the restoration of it. Our house was built in 1907. We knew we would paint the interior, the exterior was a scrumptious buttered cream stucco. (You thought I was going to say remodel the kitchen… no, maybe a different countertop?) I loved the big weird kitchen. The corner sink, gas range, empty corners that would allow me to display some of my treasures! The kitchen was ugly, but it was my kind of ugly!

In June of 2006, the hubs and I moved into our big stucco duplex, with big dreams and high hopes for the future of whatever was to come! The first chapter of our life together as husband and wife.

This is my account of life in the house on Taylor Street … warts and all!

(To be continued… whenever an opportunity presents itself.)

Always choose to live your best life!

As per your request, The House on Talor Street (My Ugly Kitchen)