The results are in! My review of the “Med Management” Bag.

I unboxed this bag on July 30th. I was mailed this bag at no cost and asked to review it. I have worked with this bag for a little over two weeks. I will tell you this is a very nice management tool and I highly recommend it. I won’t beat around the bush if you can afford the 50 dollars, get this “Med Management” bag right now at


I started off purchasing pill organizers at Walgreen’s pharmacy for 99 cents apiece. I bought four and color-coded them. I take medications four times a day. I picked up a composition book as well for 50 cents. A composition book is a tool I use to take notes to prepare for medical appointments as well as record any issues I may be having with medication. The bag comes with file holders and tags. Keep your medical information; past and present in these divided files. Organize them as they make sense to you. I always carry a list of medications I am currently taking, a list of past medications and what they did or did not do for me. Medical procedures I have undergone and the doctors names and addresses that I see. I like to keep my pharmacy information and insurance cards with me too.


This “Med Management” bag is not cumbersome! Medications bottles of all sizes fit, and you can carry as much paperwork with you as you need, your iPad will fit in this bag without issue. The design of this bag is smart.

Con, or is it a Pro?

The only downside that I encountered was the color! I like to carry my medications ‘incognito,’ but this bag stands out brightly! Now having said that, this is also a pro! People will notice you are carrying this bag. They will notice if you ‘forget’ your bag. I believe when walking in for an appointment, it seemed that I may have been taken a bit more seriously? Yes. A lot more seriously.

Last Word

Only you know if this bag will fit your lifestyle. The price is steep. I doubt you’ll be disappointed. I think this is worth its price! Two thumbs up for the “Med Management” bag.




What is ‘Med Management?’

I was contacted by a very nice man last week saying he was, “interested in my blog.” That was the subject line of an email message. OK… so I read what he had to say. There is a medication organizer that was designed by an emergency room doctor. These are the types of medication managers he’d like all patients to carry when they arrive for a medical appointment. “Would I be interested in reviewing this product?” Yes. I would, indeed. “IT” arrived today…

This will take me more than a day to see if this works for me. So I will take 7 days. The review will then follow.


It looks like a large file folder the kids carry to school. But under the front flap, there are divided folders for your medical papers, and that slides out so you can carry one or the other! Check out the following pictures!


When the Med Manager is zipped open, the left side has stretchy medication bottle holders. Take a look at the following pictures.


You can see the pill holders on the left. One the right, there are three additional zip cases. All attach to the velcro and stay in place.

This is like the Cadilac of medication bags! And I’m going to review it, openly and honestly.

This was shipped to me from Check out the products!

Live your best life!