Stay Healthy On The Road? (RV Tattles #2)

***Disclaimer. I am not an expert in RVland. I just RV fulltime. Period. This is a tattletale post, entirely for fun, with a tidbit of truth you may find helpful! I love #RVlife!

(By healthy I mean eating, exercise, and lifestyle! I’m not a bodybuilder!)

How do I stay healthy on the road? (I don’t!) I have a chronic illness! ‘Healthy’ is the epitome of an enigma in my present world. But it’s time to outsmart the drudgery!

RV Eating. It feels like you are on vacation… you eat like you are on vacation… don’t do this! You are not on vacation! Portion control is your friend. By the way, so is the celery! Google it!

RV Exercising. You are in a home on wheels! Packing up every few days and moving to a new RV Park. Staying maybe a couple weeks at one site, otherwise moving and moving. This is exercise! (No, it isn’t.) Exercise increases your heart rate… I know, I know, but the truth needs to be told! Figure out how to get your heart rate up! Dance, walk, climb stairs! Just do it!

Try these awesome tunes to get your body moving. (Change up songs as you wish, these seem to work for me!)

Slowly… stretch, move those hips, and breathe!

Now, turn it up and MOVE!!! Jazz for your soul!

Finish Strong! Get those arms up and keep on clapping through the whole Booze Cruise! Yee-Haw!

Cool down, maybe take a short walk…

That is all it takes, once a day!

Live your best life!




How Do You Decide What Clothes to Bring? (RV Tattles #1)

***Disclaimer. I am not an expert in RVland. I just RV fulltime. Period. This is a tattletale post, entirely for fun, with a tidbit of truth you may find helpful! I love #RVlife!

When beginning this fulltime RV life, hard decisions needed to be made. No longer could I own four different sizes of crockpots!!! My china dishes could not accompany me. The six totes I kept in the basement with ‘seasonal’ clothes would need to be sorted and … (gulp!) shoes… my shoes! My purses! ALL things would need to be paired down. I no longer could ‘keep’ that dress coat, because I had three! My leather coats… suedes, ski jackets, spring jackets… There just isn’t room to keep it all. (I am starting to get anxious just thinking about the process I had to go through!)

Do it, just do it! It is worth it, I promise.

The hubby simply gathered his favorite jeans, shorts, and graphic tees! A few pairs of shoes, sandals, and tennis shoes. Two flannels, two hoodies, a fleece jacket, and a basic warm winter coat. (And at my assistance one ‘funeral’ outfit, just like the Royals, we travel – ready for anything!) Done. No problem. Next!

…my turn.

To begin, the key is to pick a basic color that suits YOU.

I chose black because I spill whatever is in my hands on my clothes ALL THE TIME. I’m clumsy, too! If there is a way to fall on freshly mowed green grass, I will find it! (I’m a trooper like that!)

Your basic color plus hues that look good on you. I chose jewel tones. You may be a pastel gal with a basic khaki color. There is no wrong choice. it’s about building a wardrobe where every piece serves a purpose. (You can do it!)

  • Tees; you’ll probably buy one for every state you go to, don’t bring many tees. (You need something to shop for!)
  • Personal accessories; all I can say are scarves will be your best friend! You can dress up or down an outfit with the addition of a scarf. Scarves can protect you from the sun, be used to tie up your hair or cover up a swimsuit. The best part, easy to pack!
  • Remember to put in a ‘funeral’ outfit that is timeless and seasonless. I have a basic black jersey dress that’ll work for numerous unforeseen events. (I am not trying to be morbid, just practical.)
  • Shoes; flip flops, sandals (one dress), tennis shoes, maybe a pair of (cowboy, biker, or hiking) boots and wellies!
  • Purses; you will be setting your purse down on dirt surfaces (you’re RVing now!), just bear that in mind when you choose a few bags to bring with. Remember, EVERYTHING seems to make its way into your purse…especially on the days you move RV sites. I chose a bohemian crossbody bag. (OK. TWO, I bought two!!!) 
  • Outerwear; one light, one midweight, and one heavy jacket/coat. That is all you need. Remember to have a flannel, hoodie, and I like a cardigan option.
  • Your PJs and intimates are your business! This stuff should not take up too much space, and you’ll be fine!

You will adjust as you travel and readjust. You’ll donate what you overpacked and hit Bass outlet stores… to get sensible clothing items! Ha!

Finally, I suggest you start this whole process by pulling out a basic, one-week wardrobe. Clothes that fit, that you are comfortable in… and go from there!

Happy Trails!




Hello? Is It Me You’re Looking For?

I’m back! My two-month blogging hiatus has expired, so let’s catch up!

Here we go!

Let’s get this out of the way; COVID-19. Hoarding, isolating, and assigning blame in the MOST fascinating ways. (Seriously?) Well, this has certainly been a fine example of how people behave in a crisis. I don’t think I’ve heard “fuck you” as many times as I have in the last 30 days. I don’t think I’ve ever run out of toilet paper in my adult life except in the previous 30 days. I don’t think I’ve ever observed such selfish, public behavior, disregarding the safety and health of others, as much as I’ve seen it in the last 30 days. I believe the squeaky wheel gets the oil. There are a lot of squeaky wheels in this world. Sadly.

What has been happening with me? Really not much! Here’s a little run down.

My time in seclusion… let’s see, practicing social distancing because of the coronavirus. We fight on…

Taxes. Well… the only certainty in this life is death and taxes. Who fights with their tax man and gets dropped? (Just me?) Damn. Taxes… at least we have until July 15th. A welcome reprieve, not to mention ample time to find a new tax dude.

We left Texas and traveled through New Mexico and into Arizona. Stayed in Arizona, locked down. Now I’m in Las Vegas, Nevada! Yes, quarantined, and socially responsible in (of all places), ‘Vegas!’ (Can you feel the agony in those typed words?)

Now, I must report, in my RV travels, I have met some fascinating people! Some nice, others not so much. I find the notion of ‘kindness’ nothing more than a relatively politically correct statement in most of the 55+ RV parks. I fully admit this may be mostly tied to the COVID-19 restrictions and flat out fear! Hoarding, isolating, disruptions in necessary daily rituals seem to lead to coarse attitudes. Hey, I get it!

Then again, I wonder if I really do get it?

I have been in self-imposed isolation for almost 20 years! When you have a chronic illness, this is necessary for your very survival. What has it been, 30 days in quarantine and people wig out. Really? I think I do not get that!

I’ve come back home to my blogging tribe. Here is where I find peace. I find support. I’ve missed you all! I’m so delighted to be back.

Always live your best life!



Winding down December! Here is the last of the Christmas pictures, scenery pictures, and a few candid shots of our December in Texas.

A four-minute slideshow with an awesome song!

(Music: Second Star to the Right by The Devil Music Company)


Live your best life!


The ‘Impact’ of Parking (The Rolling Stone)

We own a Keystone Impact 359. This is a 5th Wheel Toy Hauler named the Rolling Stone. It is 39′ long, approximately 13,000 pounds at dry weight. We pull the Rolling Stone with a Chevy Silverado 3500 diesel. It is a lot to handle!

Driving down the road with this massive 5th Wheel hitched to the back of our truck was (at first) a bit unnerving! You are literally pulling your home behind you! But this just didn’t compare to the first time we were backing this beast into an RV camping spot. I thought I was going to lose my damned mind!

We left Minnesota on Friday, October 26th, around nine PM. We drove, stopping at a couple of rest stops along the way to sleep until we arrived 800 miles south in Branson, Missouri, around seven PM on Monday, October 28th. 

Recommendation for new RVer: Do not travel more than six hours a day. This would be the sum of about 400 miles and two, reasonable rest stops per day. It is very stressful starting out! You are towing a monster. Take it slow. If you rush, there will be accidents. This isn’t a race!

The hubby and I have experience with bigger rigs. He drove a truck, I drove a school bus. Both of us have first-hand knowledge of towing a trailer behind your vehicle. We know when backing up a trailer if you want it to go left, turn your wheels to the right. When backing up into the left, turn the wheels to the right. It doesn’t seem that difficult! But oh man, it is!!! Two Type-A personalities trying to back into a 42′ spot with a 39′ camper in the dark. Why did I think that would go smoothly?

We eventually got it parked, decided we would not be divorcing and vowed to never repeat THAT behavior!

There is a thing about directions too, what I hear and my hubby thinks I hear are entirely two different things. When we arrived in South Texas about 950 miles from our last stop in Branson, I am happy to report the backing in is going much more smoothly! I called for park directions to our site, the hubby looked at the site map… I should have put my phone on speaker… not cool to argue about camping sites.

Recommendation for RVers: When getting directions to your site over the phone, put the phone on speaker, so you and your co-piolet hear the same instructions!

I think the bottom line is to relax! The Rolling Stone is big. We are newbies. Everything is a new experience! We have to continue to talk with each other and not at each other. We are working on this… after all, it’s him and me against the world right now. When we forget that, nothing goes well.

(3-minute slideshow)


Live your best life!


The Stone Begins to Roll!

Yep, we did it. We purchased our ‘rig.’ A  2020 Keystone Impact 359, 5th wheel, toy hauler. Say that five times fast! Here is the kicker; we still haven’t seen it in real life. There is no need to go to an RV dealer’s lot to purchase an RV these days if they are honest (do your homework!). You already know what you want anyway. There is now no-haggle pricing (yes I still haggled a bit, anyway) no discovering a new layout (we’ve walked through them all, this was our homework!) no new paint job unless specified that it has one. There is just not a lot of mystery!

You should go to many RV shows. You should visit many dealers, private sellers, and every seller on the web through RV Trader and This is a journey, not a destination. Well, it’s kind of a destination because you end up with an RV or you may not… may not would be bad at this point. YouTube videos and RV blogs are to be followed and watched with vigor (like the rabid dogs we are). You are consistently hungry for knowledge, and you must gain it before taking on this life-altering decision to full-time RV. We did it all!

So without further ado, here is our brand new home!

Isn’t she a beauty! What to name her? I just don’t know yet. All I know is that this is my ticket to living the fullest life I possibly can! No longer will I be homebound, teetering on visiting the ‘shut-in’ status. No more winters of being too afraid to venture outside in case I fall on the ice, then freeze to death.  I am so happy to be looking at a mobile life chasing the sun. I know my symptoms are increasing. Some of my conditions are getting worse… so I will travel now before that option is taken from me. I feel very blessed to have reached this destination. I am so lucky to be able to try to live this lifestyle. I want to take you all with me! Believe me, I will try.

This Fibro Warrior is finding freedom as a rolling stone!