My Song.

(I found this picture below and started reminiscing about a time long ago!)


I remember you up there,

searching the crowd, 

landing on my smile

and you sang my song.

You sang for me.

I remember you  up there,

mischief in your eye,

our omelets at dawn

after nights without sleep.

You were happy then.

I remember you up there,

searching the crowd,

you can’t see me now 

but still, you sing my song.

I was happy then.


                                                                                                 Just me, in the 80’s.

Those days are distant memories. I was young, the 80’s were coming to a close and I had not a care in the world! I don’t want to go back. I’m excited about where I am! I am on a journey with the love of my life. My husband is my song now!