The Underlying Cause of Fibromyalgia

I happened upon a 'little' medical journal that ended up being a fascinating read. I like to explain fibromyalgia in relatively simple terms, but this article made me stand up and take notice. First, we will explore what the "experts" concluded. Then I will let you know MY conclusion! According to the US National Library... Continue Reading →

I Just Might Break

Today I am beginning this post with the hope of answering my own question. I believe I am struggling with coping. I don't know if it is the heat? The barometer? My medication? Or is it the overwhelming feeling of dread waiting for my body to flare once again. It is basically a fact with... Continue Reading →

I am a Liar.

I lie. I wish I played poker because I have turned into such a good liar! I can lie! I could bluff a full house on a pair of twos. Really. Las Vegas, here I come, and I will win because I have developed a poker face. I can look you straight in the eye and tell you... Continue Reading →

Hello, Shadow Boxer???

The dictionary defines shadowboxing as a form of exercise used for training in combat sports. In psychology "shadowboxing" is a process one uses to overcome a negative self-image so success can be achieved. In the book I co-wrote, The ShadowBoxers, Fighting Fibromyalgia, Your Personal Journal, we define Shadow Boxers as individuals who are fighting against a disease... Continue Reading →

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I would like to thank the Last Days OF Pompeii, the Fibro Butterfly herself for nominating I Tripped Over a Stone for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I was lucky enough to stumble across this fantastic blog on Twitter. She is insightful and witty. A great blog to check out! ~ So the rule of eleven comes... Continue Reading →

Before I Tripped Over a Stone, Fridays, #10

I was working as a Psychiatric Technician in the late 1980's. You can refer back to my posts by following Before I Tripped Over a Stone, Fridays. One thing I need to mention... The patients were being cared for by psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, and certified therapists. The psychiatric technicians (like me) were responsible for getting patients... Continue Reading →

Before I tripped Over a Stone, #9

I am working as a Psychiatric Technician on an adolescent crisis unit. Previous posts on this subject are as follows: Before I Tripped Over a Stone, Fridays, #8 Before I tripped OVera Stone, Fridays, #7 Before I Tripped Overa Stone, Fridays, #6 It was on the 5th day After "N" was released I was reporting for... Continue Reading →

Your Truths Are Not Mine.

  In the 20 plus years I've had fibromyalgia I have heard some pretty outlandish things. I've tried some pretty weird treatment programs and medication combinations that now I look back on and think, how could I have been so stupid? And secondly, that was a lot of wasted money I did not have to... Continue Reading →


I have been battling the last week but am recovering now. My husband only left my side to work. He made sure I never went without, that my cell phone was near so I could call him, and he sat in bed with me when he was home. I am so behind on reading my... Continue Reading →

Revisiting the Stage of Acceptance.

 People are well versed in the five stages of grief; denial anger bargaining depression acceptance But these stages are for the dying. These are the stages that a person with a terminal illness will work through to reach a form of acceptance at the end of their life.  Those of us who are left on this... Continue Reading →

How Skilled Are You at Coping?

Death and taxes, the only two things we can count on in this life. What if there are more things we can rely on? For instance, being wounded, hurt, used, and even abused in some shape or form. Everyone I have ever talked to has known heartbreak, loss, and pain. Yes, there are varying degrees,... Continue Reading →

Practice Gratefulness with Grace.

I was pondering the whole "grateful" thing. It is quite in fashion. There are grateful journals, grateful books, grateful Tuesdays... but there is a difference between being grateful and wanting more. That is what I call the 'human drive.' We are driven to do better, be better, live longer (while looking younger), we are "do-er's!"... Continue Reading →

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