In Transition

I'll be back In November. Be kind to each other! Sunday Quick Questions will be back in November as well! We are transitioning into our RV. I want to focus on this exciting time. I will have many stories to share with you! ~Kim

The Stone Begins to Roll!

Yep, we did it. We purchased our 'rig.' A  2020 Keystone Impact 359, 5th wheel, toy hauler. Say that five times fast! Here is the kicker; we still haven't seen it in real life. There is no need to go to an RV dealer's lot to purchase an RV these days if they are honest... Continue Reading →

Talking Bluntly about Night Time Chronic Pain

September is National Pain Awareness Month. I have a chronic pain disease called Fibromyalgia Syndrome. You can read what fibro is: here. (This is a typical night for me. I describe it as follows.) I think the hardest thing for a person with chronic pain is to tell you how they are doing. (Seriously.) You ask me... Continue Reading →

What is … IT?

What the heck is fibromyalgia? The truth is, we know of it. We know it is about pain. We know it is chronic, there is no cure. We do not know with certainty how it happens, what toll it will take on a person's life, or why it varies from person to person. How do we expect other people... Continue Reading →

A Shame Filled Entitlement

Social Security is a Federal program we pay for every day of our working lives. I started working when I was 15 and paying into Social Security. I looked at those steep payments being taken from my check every week as a savings plans for retirement. I also knew in case of injury, I was paying into Social Security so it... Continue Reading →

In the Begining…

Once you have learned you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, you find relief for a split second. You have a diagnosis. Then complete fear as you realize, you have no idea what this diagnosis means? Fibromyalgia Syndrome, a chronic disease. This is where we all separate on our individual paths on our journeys through the ups... Continue Reading →

Roll Around in My Mind!

Just some thoughts... maybe lessons learned? Certainly hard-earned. Remember always, if you have life, you have a purpose. Bad things happen to ordinary people. It is a fact, not a coincidence. Who did I think bad things happened to? The movie star that hated the limelight? The rock star that lived in a world of... Continue Reading →

And on the 8th day, I slept.

At 0930 I received an automatic voice message this morning; "Thank you for filling your prescriptions with our pharmacy, we want you to know the prescription items you ordered have shipped." Today is the 8th day I have been without my medications. I had a few rescue medications that I was able to use, but for the... Continue Reading →


I fought very hard to regain my health after a car accident in 1998 left me with a myriad of chronic pain conditions, one of those being Fibromyalgia Syndrome. I wanted to live the life I felt I should live. I had a career! It had always been about a career for me. Not dogs,... Continue Reading →

Why is Fibromyalgia Syndrome an Unacceptable Diagnosis?

I was watching a YouTube lecture about fibromyalgia. (I wish I could remember the name.) The doctor giving the lecture told his students, "Telling a patient they have fibromyalgia is like telling them they have a fever, this is not an acceptable diagnosis." I immediately turned the TV up! The lecturing doctor continued and I... Continue Reading →

Let’s Play Anthropologist!

Anyone else nervous about the holidays coming up? I just had to take a ten-minute break to get my head together so I can write this post! Yes, I am nervous about the approaching holidays. It all seems so very overwhelming. I wish I could still get stupid drunk! I do know that I can and... Continue Reading →

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