Tagged! You Behind the Illness…Told in Four’s.

My friend Terri at her absolutely fantastic blog, Reclaiming H.O.P.E. has invited me to participate in telling you a little bit about me behind my illness. Like Terri, I am someone who mostly blogs about living with fibromyalgia. I appreciate this chance to talk about things that have nothing to do with illness, and this looks fun!... Continue Reading →

Rumored Role Reversals

Male and female role reversals? Yep! Nope! Well, maybe. It just depends... The gender-neutral alibi comes into play here. We are not defined by our gender! Let's reminisce ...  The man is the breadwinner, and the woman is the homemaker, and we are in the early 1950's. Face it, ladies, feminism happened. The one income family... Continue Reading →

My Song.

(I found this picture below and started reminiscing about a time long ago!) I remember you up there, searching the crowd,  landing on my smile and you sang my song. You sang for me. I remember you  up there, mischief in your eye, our omelets at dawn after nights without sleep. You were happy then. I remember... Continue Reading →


What does one do at 4:20AM? I am sitting in my house, all is quiet. I can hear the wind whispering until the whir of the heater begins with the shallow howling of warm air flowing through the vents. It is peaceful. It is satisfying. My dogs have begun to snore while my tenants are quietly sleeping upstairs.... Continue Reading →

The Hard Way or The Easy Way?

I can beat the shit out of myself on a daily basis! This has to be stopped. I have to move further into acceptance. Liking myself, realizing I am where I am today and be OK with that. I need to remember I am doing my best with the knowledge I have at this moment... Continue Reading →

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