Tagged! You Behind the Illness…Told in Four’s.

My friend Terri at her absolutely fantastic blog, Reclaiming H.O.P.E. has invited me to participate in telling you a little bit about me behind my illness. Like Terri, I am someone who mostly blogs about living with fibromyalgia. I appreciate this chance to talk about things that have nothing to do with illness, and this looks fun!... Continue Reading →

The Beginning of the Faraway End.

As I blogged earlier we are beginning to downsize! First and foremost this will be great for my fibromyalgia. To have less is less to clean! But our ultimate goal remains the same, to sell this big house and travel in an RV for a few years before settling down to a small home in an... Continue Reading →

I Don’t “Fit” Christmas.

I am not a Mom. I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt and very recently, a great aunt. I am a wife, a sister-in-law, a cousin and a niece. I got married when I was 38, a little late in life. We never tried to have a baby but we didn't NOT try either.... Continue Reading →

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