I am so grateful to all of you who have followed my journey in this blogging community that I have come to love. I want you to know I write this blog for you, not only for me, it is not solely mine. It is a  blog for those who ask for guidance, but it never... Continue Reading →

My Bubble Bath

I took a bath. I ran the water for the tub, and this time, along with my Epsom salts, I put in bubbles... a bubble bath! I was feeling irritated, emotional, and just Done. I made sure the bath water was hot. As I started to carefully undress, noticing what was invisible under my clothing... Continue Reading →

Did You Know About Depression Flares?

Depression. It is said the third week in January is the worst for depression. I believe it. Also, I think once you have depression, a debilitating depressed mood can move in on you at any time of the year. Sneaky little mind trap just waiting to pounce and pull you into blackness. What does an increase... Continue Reading →

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