What am I Missing?

Let’s imagine, everyone you meet has something to teach you. Would this be helpful for you or a distraction?

I tend to be a very impatient person. I have no time for the mundane. If it’s work, get it done. If it’s playing, win! And be done. If it’s a social gathering, converse quickly and politely, then go home. I am impatient…

What if I am missing something very important?  

I honestly believe we are here on this earth to learn life lessons. Let’s look at the person at work who never quite gets the project right. Is this person here to annoy us or teach us something? Maybe, this is about a lesson in patience. The teammate who always misses the free throw may be teaching us about tolerance (and sportsmanship). At the social gathering, the strange person who is the interrogator? We may be learning about kindness, possibly inclusiveness. That one family member who never refrains from lashing out? We learn unconditional love. We learn individuality and self-care. No one comes into our lives to teach us how to be weak. That’s a self-preservation lesson, remove that influence from your life.

Why are these lessons important?

We grow as individuals when we see beyond the action and focus on the meaning behind that behavior. I find, with additional time, I can understand the reason behind someone’s behavior more then I could at the time it was happening. There is a need for distance and reflection. The reason for their behavior eventually becomes clear. It may have been a problematic interaction to understand, but there was a lesson to be learned.

Who cares?

This is an important question! If you don’t care, carry on … you’ll come back to this life again as an amoeba. Heaven, hell, purgatory, dirt, whatever is ‘next’ for you won’t welcome you. Instead, as a single-celled parasite, you are bound to learn something. If you care, learn! There are teachers all around you waiting to help. You will grow! You will be a much happier, loving and kind person in this life. All who are here with us, teach us things if we are perceptive enough to receive the information.

Live your best life!