A Wedding and a Power Ranger

I completely forgot to finish the second part of my original post! To read the first installment, click here. But it really isn't necessary, this is pretty self-explanatory. As we were ready to say our vows, listening to the beautiful singer we had hired for our wedding belt out "I Believe in You and Me."... Continue Reading →

Mind Field Monday (The Hubby’s Note)

I woke up and found this little post-it note on my desk planner. (A song from my hubby.) He has a way of reaching me when I am vacant. You are the Reason by Calum Scott & Leona Lewis; https://youtu.be/5jFHG0VUE9M ~Us.

Will You Fight for Me?

A while back I wrote about having to "make the dreaded call" to my doctor. Things were not going so well and I knew I was getting used to my medication. It just wasn't working anymore. So, time for new medications that come complete with side effects. The first two weeks are the worst, tapering... Continue Reading →

I Can Not Help the Way You Feel

When you are chronically ill, everything you attempt takes more time. You have to think through things before you do them. Sometimes you must stop and re-start, several times, because you cannot remember what step you needed to complete next. The tenacity it takes to stick with a task and see it through to completion,... Continue Reading →

The Blood of the Norse

(For Susan. Because she told me I wrote a poem.)     The Norseman I write love poems for one man. He has the Blood of the Norse running through his veins... But today, no not today, will he get a poem. For I too have the blood of the Norse and I am in... Continue Reading →


I have been battling the last week but am recovering now. My husband only left my side to work. He made sure I never went without, that my cell phone was near so I could call him, and he sat in bed with me when he was home. I am so behind on reading my... Continue Reading →

I Was Feeling Blue.

I enjoy writing my blog. I love bringing you helpful information as well as new research I have discovered. I was asked to write a few personal posts about what I was like before fibromyalgia. This would be the time that was before my marrying Jeff as well. I have broached some difficult subjects as of late,... Continue Reading →

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