The Problem…

This is a problem.


How do you carry all your medication? What if you are traveling to care for elderly parents like I am? What if you have kids to run to school and after-school activities? What if you can never find what you need because it’s in the bathroom medicine cabinet? Or is that the kitchen cupboard? Bedside table? Who really knows??? It’s like an Easter egg hunt on a daily basis.

You need to take your medication on time! You need to have medical papers with you when you are away from home. Accidents happen. Activities run long. The quick cup of coffee out with your friend… well you have a lot to talk about! We can plan. We do plan. Then life happens.

The solution?


The diaper bag! I never had kids so this little bag was completely foreign to me. I’ve carried one when I babysat, fully stocked with everything the little one may need… But. I’d never had the need to purchase one. Guys, these bags come in many shapes, sizes, and colors; find one. These sit perfectly behind your front seat. You can leave it in your car if you run into a convenience store for something… who’s gonna steal a diaper bag?


How many pockets do these bad boys have? Goodness, it’s a dream come true! I found this one on Poshmark for $12. Score. (I’m addicted to Poshmark.) I went into a few stores and just looked at some bags then searched for the one I liked until I found a reasonably priced diaper bag.

Now to get all of this into this bag!


And I did!


Ready for travel, no one is the wiser. Plus my therapy belt and some toiletries fit with ease! There is no problem anymore. I never have to explain my bag full of medications… I’m just carrying a messenger bag, that happens to be a diaper bag, that also doubles as a medication bag!

I feel like a lady spy!


img_0992~Kim (007)


That was a “Trip”

I just experienced my first hallucination, ever, late last night. I was so scared. I was freaking out. My husband was at work, and my dogs were scared of me. Yes, a hallucination that was so terrifying, I won’t even write about what I saw on this post. Well, I would tell you guys, but I have racked my brain, there is no way to describe what I was hearing and seeing. Yes, a visual and auditory hallucination!

The visual stuff was gone when I woke up this morning. The auditory has been plaguing me for about a month, sometimes it’s a heavy metal song, and I just can’t quite make out the lyrics, other times its punk! If it’s not some kind of music it is a high-pitched ringing, like when power lines buzz. I am just thankful my headache went away! This high pitched hum is making me nauseous.

I don’t want to point fingers … [cough, cough, REQUIP, cough] but there is only one medication that I have changed in the last year, and that was last month! So I started writing down all the ‘side effects’ I believed I was experiencing. I have a doctor appointment this Thursday. (Man, do I have some shit to report!) I wrote down eleven symptoms I believed were possible side effects from this medication. I looked the medication up in my Pocket Pharmacy App (great App), and they listed twelve; my eleven matched! Holy cow! I have never experienced such horrific side effects. I just am not that susceptible to medications. They usually just work or they don’t. If I have any kind of side effect, it is for a short while and something easily fixable like ‘dry mouth.’

I began tapering immediately! I want off this medication. I want off now! I never want to experience what I saw last night. Ever. Stuff was melting all around me, things that do not typically move were moving! I was simply terrified!

Have any of you have ever experienced a hallucination? What was your “trip” like?