The House on Taylor Street (Looming House Inspection)

This is where I try to sound like I know what I’m doing, but I really only have a 50/50 shot of coming out of this unscathed. Right now, it is 5:14 AM. Neither the hubby nor I can sleep any longer. The day of the home inspection is here! A man who literally holds the key to Jeff and I being able to sell our home in two weeks arrives at 10AM. I feel the left side of my chest tighten, the acidity of bile burns the back of my throat… I am terrified.

We never got our bathroom finished. We’ve lived in this house for 14 years. The beautiful artsy neighborhood referred to as the Arts District in northeast Minneapolis. The day we signed our mortgage papers, we knew there were three things we wanted to do. We planned to pull the carpet, hardwoods were underneath and the white oak needed to be given back some life! The bathroom, I wanted that subway tile with a black and white checked floor for as long as I could remember. The beauty of buying an old home is the restoration of it. Our house was built in 1907. We knew we would paint the interior, the exterior was a scrumptious buttered cream stucco. (You thought I was going to say remodel the kitchen… no, maybe a different countertop?) I loved the big weird kitchen. The corner sink, gas range, empty corners that would allow me to display some of my treasures! The kitchen was ugly, but it was my kind of ugly!

In June of 2006, the hubs and I moved into our big stucco duplex, with big dreams and high hopes for the future of whatever was to come! The first chapter of our life together as husband and wife.

This is my account of life in the house on Taylor Street … warts and all!

(To be continued… whenever an opportunity presents itself.)

Always choose to live your best life!

As per your request, The House on Talor Street (My Ugly Kitchen)