Winding down December! Here is the last of the Christmas pictures, scenery pictures, and a few candid shots of our December in Texas.

A four-minute slideshow with an awesome song!

(Music: Second Star to the Right by The Devil Music Company)


Live your best life!


My Christmas Present to You!

This is incredible!!!


Merry Christmas and Happy New year!


Zoolon Hub, #1 Indy Artist in the UK.

Remember when I asked you if you’d met Zoolon? Well, George is going to the top of the charts! I am so proud. Read about George at Zoolon Hub!



(Me caught on camera making a serious point when talking with The Devil) I got the notification that read, ‘Chart-Topping Artists – Discover this month’s chart-topping alternative artists now.’ It got better because one of them was me. I’m number 1 on ReverbNation’s UK Chart and have been for a week or so (19th on […]


A Message in Song (Honey, I’m Good)

Especially for my tribe! Have fun with this one!!!

Honey, I’m good! by Andy Grammer

“Oh, no! Honey, I’m Good!”



A Message in a Song (God Only Knows)

I recently have been making trips to my hometown to share in the caregiving for my elderly parents. This has been beneficial to me and my parents. These trips also allowed me time to reconnect with a childhood best friend. After our first visit, lasting a little over four hours, she said couldn’t believe all I had been through and thought I was very strong. The next day she sent this song to me… I’m not an avid listener of Christian music so I was a bit apprehensive. Then I played the song… powerful.

(I usually play the lyric version of any music video I post, but I will play the version she sent to me.) ~k.

“You keep a cover over every single secret…”

God Only Knows – for King and Country

My besties… in the ’80s and in 2004, I don’t know where I’d be without them.

Holly, Tamara, and Kim


img_1066 ~God only knows what you’ve been through… thanks for listening.

A Message in a Song (Shatter Me)

Day in and day out we deal with sameness, what would you give to feel alive again? Look for that light… I promise it’s shining. ~k.

“Somebody shine a light, I’m frozen by the fear in me…”

Shatter Me (lyrics) Lindsey Stirling (ft. Lzzy Hale)



A Message in a Song (Don’t Give Up on Me)

For my husband who never gave up on me. You fought for me so I’m not giving up. ~k.

“I will fight for you, I always do until my heart is black and blue…”

“Don’t Give Up On Me” by Andy Grammer (Lyrics)

Thank you for fighting for me, my forever love.

 ~your wife.


A Message in a Song. (Breath Me)

Sometimes all we need is a friend, we just need a little help…~k.

“Be my friend.”

Sia ~Breath Me (lyrics)



A Message in a Song (Soon We’ll Be Found)

When you feel lost, hold on, sometimes words don’t fix things. Rest and return happy! ~k.

“…so come along, it won’t be long ’til we return happy…”

Sia ~ Soon We’ll Be Found (lyrics)




A Message in a Song (Shadows)

The dancing with her own shadow is the highlight!

This is a talented artist. Just watch her in action in this really cool video! I want to see her in concert. ~k.


Shadows ~Lindsey Stirling



Mind Field Monday (Big Girls Cry)

You are tough, living life at full speed. Nothing can stop you. Until it does… ~k.

“Tough girl, I’m in pain.”

Sia ~ Big Girls Cry (lyrics)


Have You Met Zoolon?


George, aka. “Zoolon” at Zoolon Hub. is a guitarist, songwriter and sound artist. You see George is dyslexic. He has and still struggles with dyslexia. His ability to write and produce songs is in itself an achievement. But! The quality of which he does this is impeccable. This is a talented musician and wordsmith! I hope you all take the time to get to know and listen to this multifaceted young man.

For an incredible listening experience, here is Zoolon’s Music.

I often play his music while I write! I think I write much better when I listen to a steady stream of his amazing pieces.

Zoolon will also put your words to music! Check out his incredible service here.

George’s book is currently published on UK Amazon, The Words & Thoughts of a Dyslexic Musician.

We should all have a friend with such a gentle soul like George.