I am (Deadly) Serious.

  Shaved ice! Best to cure heartburn, stomach acid, nausea, ... and pancreatic attacks. Ever had trouble with your pancreas? A pancreatitis attack? Well, how would one know? You would know because it feels like you are literally going to die from the pain and you invite death. Anything is better than living with the pain you... Continue Reading →

We are Threshold People.

  And the mighty battle call goes out, "I will not be defined by my disease!" Well, surprise! You definitely are. There is a word used to describe people in society whose place or status in society remains static, anonymous, and basically unimportant. This word is "liminality". (You can thank the anthropologists for this one!)... Continue Reading →

You Drank the Kool-Aid!

It was about 10AM on Monday that it all began. I thought I was just having indigestion, terrible indigestion. Then indigestion turned into hot lava. I thought well I might be having a minor pancreatic flare again, but it should pass. Then it felt like someone placed a belt right below my rib cage, encircling... Continue Reading →

My Paradigm Shift.

When my husband said this to me I honestly experienced a paradigm shift but first I must explain... I had gone from a world of hospitals, surgeries, medications, and not caring whether I lived or died to a life that I had no desire to live out. I hadn't planned on surviving. I was sure... Continue Reading →

Today is “do-able”.

I was officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2001, but a car accident in 1998 was the catalyst for my chronic pain. By 2011, I was pretty confident in my ability to handle my fibromyalgia. I was great at scheduling out my household duties with rest included in the schedule. I had one primary doctor who... Continue Reading →

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