I won!!! 700,000.00!

I received this letter from Yahoo, U.K. & Ireland division office in England. Along with a request for my personal information and banking information... for one second, I wanted to believe! But I went to online scammers.com and there they were. This was nothing more than a scam. I was randomly picked to be scammed. Possibly... Continue Reading →

It Happened.

I am on my third day with a flare that is so quirky, one moment I am able to sit up and watch some TV and two minutes later, I feel as if I am approaching death's door. I have had this disease for over 20 years, I have not experienced such a volatile flair with the... Continue Reading →

Meditation, Mindfullness, and Engagement?

Ohm, Ohm, Ohm... meditation is the key? I don't meditate. I am mindful that the leaf that I picked up off the ground is [insert awareness statement], unique with enthusiasm? I am not mindful. How do I, who is in constant pain, who spent almost 20 years trying NOT TO FEEL my pain suppose to practice,... Continue Reading →

Hired Me an On-Line Therapist for Christmas!

Yep! There is an online program called Better Help. You just answer a few questions and BAM! You got yourself a therapist ... available twenty-four hours, seven days a week. My poor counselor is learning that a person with fibro sleeps sporadically and gets real chatty around two in the morning. Poor thing. I must say... Continue Reading →

Let’s Play Anthropologist!

Anyone else nervous about the holidays coming up? I just had to take a ten-minute break to get my head together so I can write this post! Yes, I am nervous about the approaching holidays. It all seems so very overwhelming. I wish I could still get stupid drunk! I do know that I can and... Continue Reading →

Chronic is Forever, Random Really is Enough!

It is hard having a chronic illness. It is difficult dealing with the daily pain, the numerous doctor appointments, the fatigue and endless doctor bills. The sheer number of symptoms that accompany your disease is mind-boggling at times. Having a chronic illness is emotionally and physically taxing. You know what the hardest part is? It's... Continue Reading →

Love and Anxiety

Psychology today defined anxiety as; "a normal reaction to stress." For some of us, this is the case, for others, it goes much deeper than that. What does anxiety really feel like? It is feeling that everything in your life is broken and needs immediate attention! Heart palpitations, sweat, panic, fear, finding it hard to breathe, and... Continue Reading →

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