My Night.

In my bed.


Rise and fall,

Veins beat with pain.

In the darkness.

In my body,

like a song.


Hold my breath,

Pain pulsating, no!


My body,

is my own?

Pulsing pain beats.

Never ends,

Rise and fall.


Spring + Winter = Springter

Let Me Rest


I must confess,

Today I am a mess…

and yesterday,

the day before too.


I can’t seem to remember. 

How to ‘perform,

Nor do I desire to.

Slumber left, no goodbye. 


I’m caught you see,

In Springter…

I cannot decide,

to fight or concede.


Void of fear and tear,

No laughter here.

Do I be still and hide?

Do I forage until I claim sight?


This is no game for me,

I am still but I do exist…

I fight to feel,

I perform and I appeal.



The Blood of the Norse

(For Susan. Because she told me I wrote a poem.)




The Norseman

I write love poems for one man.

He has the Blood of the Norse running through his veins…

But today, no not today, will he get a poem.

For I too have the blood of the Norse and I am in warrior mode.

I find I am infuriated by his latest endeavor.

So we shall draw Ruins until the anger subsides,

And he will see his warrior wife was right.

My Norseman walked in requesting a parlay,

A bag of sweets for his sweet.

As a warrior woman, I respect the parlay,

Negotiations, the talk I tire of quickly.

Knowing if I disrespect the parlay I will develop a soul of unrest.

The negotiations finally come to an end.

And we go on to live many more days,

In the good graces of each other’s arms.





Power Poem For Fibromyalgia Friday

It is May 12th, Fibromyalgia Awareness Day. And I have written my power poem to Fibromyalgia. It has taken time, expense, education, and endurance to be able to be able to now say; although I may have fibromyalgia it does not have me.



Dear Fibromyalgia