Let’s Make a Smash Book!

What is a smash book you ask? It is similar to scrapbooking without the rules. All those pictures you don't know what to do with? Put them into a smash book. Letters, notes, pictures your kid colored for you, trinkets, the instruction sheet on how to use your voodoo doll ... SMASH it all in this... Continue Reading →

How Do I Record My Medical History?

Since I am back to searching for a new primary doctor, I am revisiting these steps. I need to update all of my medical records. I thought I'd share my outline with you. I hope it is helpful. You are responsible for your medical history. I always carry a list with me. When I get... Continue Reading →

The Nightmare Hospital Stay

I was hospitalized back in late September for pneumonia. I wrote about my stay being a nightmare. In fact, it affected me so much I could not discuss what had happened. I think I am finally ready to write about what happened. I was treated well in the emergency room after I arrived on a... Continue Reading →


I made soup! I made soup. Cabbage roll soup. It is delicious and freezes up in smaller portions very well ... the point is, I am trying to re-engage in life. Healing from pneumonia that I have takes weeks, sometimes months. This virus has caused my fibromyalgia to flare with a vengeance. The fatigue itself is overwhelming.... Continue Reading →

The Chronic Illness Hell Flare.

"I will take charge of my illness it cannot be in charge of me." Before we begin, can I just explain how much I hate going to the doctor? I mean, getting ready? (Showering is hard but who wants to be the 'funky' patient?) The questions! When was your last period? Yes, the question they... Continue Reading →

Nothing More.

I am a blogger. A simple blogger that happens to have fibromyalgia and a few of its cronies. I blog about chronic illnesses, mostly fibromyalgia. Sometimes a few additional "surprise!" pieces come together and grace this blog. But. I am a blogger. I just want to blog. I have things to say. I have "opinions."... Continue Reading →

B&W, Seven Day Photo Challenge! #1

I was tagged by Jo, at Life in the Spectrum, to complete the seven days, black and white photo challenge! This is a new blog for Jo, (The Momentum of MoJo). It is wonderful, please check it out. The rules are straightforward. Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No... Continue Reading →

Happy Father’s Day to One of the Best!

A Man who grew up with no running water, no electricity, or heat. Now walking around in the age of computers and cellphones... I remember the day he brought home a "microwave" for my mother. All of us kids would watch that big, heavy, electric box cook as my mom would yell at us not... Continue Reading →

You Must Deconstruct to Reconstruct Your Life!

  I use to wonder if I would die from this Fibromyalgia Syndrome I have? Fibromyalgia in itself is not an autoimmune disease. An autoimmune disease is when your immune system attacks your healthy cells by mistake, you suffer from inflammation and chronic pain. Some autoimmune conditions even cause death. Fibromyalgia is not this. Fibromyalgia... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Smash Books!

What is a Smash Book? It is merely a scrapbook that you fill up with all the things that are in that box, under your bed, filled with notes, photos, and cards! The precious things that are important to you. The beauty of a Smash Book is there are no rules! I am not a... Continue Reading →

Dear Future Me …

May 2018 Dear Future Me, You will be reading this when you turn 70, in 2037. You will have had fibromyalgia for 40 years. Maybe you will be cured, perhaps not. Either way, I am writing so you remember your time in 2018. How you searched and fought to live your best life with this... Continue Reading →

12 Steps to Experiencing the Joy of an Ordinary Day!

After reading a fabulous post by Dr. Andrea Dinardo about enjoying an ordinary day, I thought, "when was the last time I enjoyed an ordinary day?" Not for over 20 years! Every single day I experience pain. Every single day I have to say "No" to things others wouldn't think twice about. Every single day I strive for... Continue Reading →

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