Kim Being Tom … Being Tom

I know! The title is confusing. My friend Tom (at Tom being Tom) has bestowed upon me the name of one of Santa's eight reindeer! I am now known in some circles as Donner. Is Donner cool? I hope Donner is cool. And I received an award! The Blogger Recognition Award! It really is an... Continue Reading →

If You Grow

I can't remember exactly when it was... One of my sisters was getting ready for her third or was it the fourth parade that summer as Queen of such and such. (It seemed as one or the other was always crowned 'something!') The other was helping her primp. I was just sitting at the table... Continue Reading →

The Chronically Hopeful Award

Brigid over at Watching the Daisies  was kind enough to nominate me for the Chronically Hopeful Award. There is no way I can express what Brigid means to me, I will let her own words tell you who she is and have to leave it at that. Brigid P. Gallagher is a retired natural medicines therapist,... Continue Reading →

Oops, I Did it Again!

First, I must begin with apologies! I am very late in responding to these two awards. I am very honored to receive The Disability Award from Stacey at Fighting with Fibro. I also was awarded The Blogger Recognition Award from Sadje at Keep it Alive. Both these ladies are fantastic bloggers. (Stacy and Sadje, I... Continue Reading →

Trigger Warning: The Husband Speaks

We (the hubby and I) begin simply enough in the bedroom... on weekends we watch movies in bed. Popcorn, puffy pillows and two massive smelly dogs happily snoring at our feet. I was telling him I wanted to interview him for a post about the healthy 'partner' living with a chronically ill loved one. I... Continue Reading →

What About You? (Quick Sunday Questions #8)

We will continue with our quick questions! Join in, give it a try! Because… I blog. I get sick of writing about me. I want to get to know you! I have three questions. Don’t think, just answer! Ready? Do you know the name of your neighbor's pet? Do you like tofu?  What is your favorite type... Continue Reading →

She Reached Out…

I found myself in a very unique position. As I began blogging, knowing I would be sharing things that had happened to me that were traumatic, I wavered on creating a false identity. I write poetry under the name k.Lynel. But this, blogging 'thing,' seemed different. I decided against it and wrote under my real... Continue Reading →

The Prospect of Joy

Do you have joy in your life? Are you a joyful person? Do you radiate joy? joy noun \ ˈjȯi  \ Definition of joy 1a: the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires: DELIGHT b: the expression or exhibition of such emotion: GAIETY 2: a state of happiness or felicity: BLISS 3: a source or... Continue Reading →

How Do I Record My Medical History?

Since I am back to searching for a new primary doctor, I am revisiting these steps. I need to update all of my medical records. I thought I'd share my outline with you. I hope it is helpful. You are responsible for your medical history. I always carry a list with me. When I get... Continue Reading →

Who Has Your Back?

The Issue: You need a medical advocate. Who will speak for you when you are vulnerable? What do I mean by vulnerable? Sick. Needing medical attention. In a fog. In incredible pain. It is import to find yourself a medical advocate; spouse, partner, sister, brother, parent, neighbor, friend. An advocate for situations when we are physically and... Continue Reading →

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