This was my home. This is where I lived... This is what a protest looks like I've been told... This is justice for George Floyd I've been told. I've been told, supposedly schooled, even screamed at. But. I don't see justice. I know what I see. THIS is not justice. I wonder what you will... Continue Reading →

The Opioid Crisis? A Lie. Suicide Due to a Lack of Pain Management? Very Real.

All of the following information is available on many sites on the internet. The National Health Association, the World Wide Health Organization, the CDC, and etc. You should just google suicide rates. I knew as medication was withheld, my people would choose not to live. It is happening! We are losing our chronically ill brothers... Continue Reading →

I’m Stuck

I don't know how this post is going to turn out, but here it goes. Maybe if I write it down, I'll figure it out. I'm stuck! And I need to get unstuck. We are once again planning on putting our house on the market, and we have so much to pack I don't know... Continue Reading →

The Heart Remembers What the Head Fights to Forget…

I know it was at some point this week, 15 years ago... I was searching for a flight. (ANY FLIGHT!!!) A flight from Minneapolis to the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. My mother had called me; Kory, my brother, was shipped stateside. He was active USA Army, stationed in South Korea, (incidentally... Continue Reading →

I Almost Lost.

As I sit here, this morning, I need to write about something that makes me feel weak. This results in a feeling of embarrassment and shame. But neither of these feelings are mine to own. What I just went through is a fact of depression, not the exception. While this is still fresh in my... Continue Reading →

I Just Might Break

Today I am beginning this post with the hope of answering my own question. I believe I am struggling with coping. I don't know if it is the heat? The barometer? My medication? Or is it the overwhelming feeling of dread waiting for my body to flare once again. It is basically a fact with... Continue Reading →

Monday, Memorial Day.

For all of you who have a folded flag in your home on this Memorial Day. Blessings to you. https://youtu.be/ZVYYdOQ8RvM We will Remember. Rest in Peace, SPC Kory Jon Severson, 1965-2003. ~Your sister, Kim

Before I tripped Over a Stone, Fridays, #15

Getting ready to go back to college! I had been to college for a year back in 1986, but I was unsure what I wanted to major in. So I took some time off to work. After four years of working in clinical settings, I knew my best bet was to major in social work,... Continue Reading →

My Brother, My Soldier

Kory was 37 years old when he died from a very aggressive form of cancer at the Brooke Army Medical Center, in San Antonio Texas. Kory was a Specialist in the U.S. Army. Kory became my little brother when he was 9 years old, we adopted him from South Korea. Kory was my brother for 27 years... Continue Reading →


Avicii dead at 28. A beautiful tribute... https://youtu.be/S565hk5T7SA   The official cause of Tim Berling's death has yet to be announced, but he struggled with health issues, namely pancreatitis. He, at one point, while touring, had to be hospitalized to have his gallbladder removed. The gallbladder is a villain of the pancreas often contributing to... Continue Reading →

Before I Tripped Over a Stone, Fridays, #12

The time had come for me to leave my position as a psychiatric technician. I have so many more experiences I could share. I could probably write a book, but that is not to be... I had developed bursitis in my right shoulder. Every restraint just pushed me further toward needing more and more medical... Continue Reading →

Before I tripped Over a Stone, Fridays, #11

I am still working as a psych tech on an adolescent crisis unit. These are my pre-fibro days. If you'd like to catch up, start with  Before I tripped Over a Stone, Fridays. #6. Just a reminder... The patients were being cared for by psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, and certified therapists. The psychiatric technicians (like me) were responsible for... Continue Reading →

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