That was a “Trip”

I just experienced my first hallucination, ever, late last night. I was so scared. I was freaking out. My husband was at work, and my dogs were scared of me. Yes, a hallucination that was so terrifying, I won’t even write about what I saw on this post. Well, I would tell you guys, but I have racked my brain, there is no way to describe what I was hearing and seeing. Yes, a visual and auditory hallucination!

The visual stuff was gone when I woke up this morning. The auditory has been plaguing me for about a month, sometimes it’s a heavy metal song, and I just can’t quite make out the lyrics, other times its punk! If it’s not some kind of music it is a high-pitched ringing, like when power lines buzz. I am just thankful my headache went away! This high pitched hum is making me nauseous.

I don’t want to point fingers … [cough, cough, REQUIP, cough] but there is only one medication that I have changed in the last year, and that was last month! So I started writing down all the ‘side effects’ I believed I was experiencing. I have a doctor appointment this Thursday. (Man, do I have some shit to report!) I wrote down eleven symptoms I believed were possible side effects from this medication. I looked the medication up in my Pocket Pharmacy App (great App), and they listed twelve; my eleven matched! Holy cow! I have never experienced such horrific side effects. I just am not that susceptible to medications. They usually just work or they don’t. If I have any kind of side effect, it is for a short while and something easily fixable like ‘dry mouth.’

I began tapering immediately! I want off this medication. I want off now! I never want to experience what I saw last night. Ever. Stuff was melting all around me, things that do not typically move were moving! I was simply terrified!

Have any of you have ever experienced a hallucination? What was your “trip” like?