What am I Missing?

Let’s imagine, everyone you meet has something to teach you. Would this be helpful for you or a distraction?

I tend to be a very impatient person. I have no time for the mundane. If it’s work, get it done. If it’s playing, win! And be done. If it’s a social gathering, converse quickly and politely, then go home. I am impatient…

What if I am missing something very important?  

I honestly believe we are here on this earth to learn life lessons. Let’s look at the person at work who never quite gets the project right. Is this person here to annoy us or teach us something? Maybe, this is about a lesson in patience. The teammate who always misses the free throw may be teaching us about tolerance (and sportsmanship). At the social gathering, the strange person who is the interrogator? We may be learning about kindness, possibly inclusiveness. That one family member who never refrains from lashing out? We learn unconditional love. We learn individuality and self-care. No one comes into our lives to teach us how to be weak. That’s a self-preservation lesson, remove that influence from your life.

Why are these lessons important?

We grow as individuals when we see beyond the action and focus on the meaning behind that behavior. I find, with additional time, I can understand the reason behind someone’s behavior more then I could at the time it was happening. There is a need for distance and reflection. The reason for their behavior eventually becomes clear. It may have been a problematic interaction to understand, but there was a lesson to be learned.

Who cares?

This is an important question! If you don’t care, carry on … you’ll come back to this life again as an amoeba. Heaven, hell, purgatory, dirt, whatever is ‘next’ for you won’t welcome you. Instead, as a single-celled parasite, you are bound to learn something. If you care, learn! There are teachers all around you waiting to help. You will grow! You will be a much happier, loving and kind person in this life. All who are here with us, teach us things if we are perceptive enough to receive the information.

Live your best life!


The Pineapple Persuasion

I’ve decided I like pineapples. No, I really do! I like the way they taste. Sweet. (Get your mind out of the gutter perves.) I like the way they look, prickly on the outside, with a crown on top! I love the colors; yellows, oranges, and greens…

I buy pineapples, I eat pineapples, I decorate with pineapples. I love pineapples!


A pineapple, according to my husband, is me. I wear a crown. (If he is King of his Castle, I am his Queen!) I am prickly on the outside but sweet on the inside (once the core has been removed). The darn core has been somewhat of a buggar to deal with as of late.

I see my core as holding all my preconceived notions. All ‘etcetera’ interests, and ideas, everything stored for examination at a later date. All to be processed as true or false, some preconceived notions of illness behaviors, some judgments… it’s all there, in this core.

The meat of the pineapple, the sweetness, that’s me. That is me and how I try to see the world! Without the tough exterior, I wouldn’t last very long… and anyone could crush me, eat me up! No, I have a hard shell, protecting my sweetness. The shell must be removed to get to this part, the sweet part.

My crown stands tall and green. It is lovely, strong and can topple over and still maintain its proper place on top of my pineapple.

But alas, the core had to be removed. For all its protection, too many ideas confuse the pineapple, and the core will end up eating away the best parts of the pineapple. Turning the sweet to sour. The ill-fated preconceived notions turn random false facts into truths. No, No. This, we can not allow.

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 12.48.43 PM~Kim


The Purple Dress, Maybe the Navy?

Guess what day it is? Wedding Day! Yes, my nephew will be getting married at 4pm today. I must say, it is a beautiful day here in Minnesota. They have picked a wonderful venue, and on the invitation, it states this is a casual wedding. Casual…

I am ten pounds heavier than I was last summer. Yes, this matters! (I can’t stand it.) It matters to me. So I have a purple dress. It is a cap-sleeved tee-shirt style, swing dress. I look ‘presentable’ in it. I bought one in green as well. Since the marrying couple is the outdoorsy type I thought I may go with the green, but I got an oil stain right on my left boob from a stupid bowl of pasta I was eating. I have to drop at least one morsel of food at each meal, or it wasn’t really a meal. (And I wonder where the ten pounds came from?) So it looks the purple dress will be my choice.

Purple Cow. “I never saw a purple cow… ” remember that childhood nursery rhyme? Well, I may look like a purple cow in this stupid dress. I think the purple dress may be a mistake. I am running out of options… I have a navy blue and a sleeveless black dress… what can I say? They were on sale! I happened to like these dresses for casual summer days but a wedding? Ten pounds ago, maybe.

The black dress is for a wedding next month. Yes, another nephew is taking the plunge. His wedding is ‘formal.’ So I have the black that has a beautiful chiffon overlay, almost like a poncho, with a delicate floral gray design. (That sucker hides the pounds!)

It is the eleventh hour. My last-ditch effort. The only thing left to do is to get a tan. (Or pray for an even sunburn.) I got all day! The sun is shining brightly, and the wedding isn’t until 4 pm. The last two days have been raining but today, glorious sun! So, now is my chance! I’m going after the sun, then decision time, purple, navy, or sleeveless black (without the chiffon overlay.)

I’ll be checking back for any advice you may have today. Help. 


Later that evening, update!

I went with … the purple!


And we had a lovely day!

Just Me.

It’s been a while since I just sat down and wrote. No research, no posts promoting other bloggers, no words that rhyme, nothing, just me.

Just, plain, old, me.

I don’t understand how a comment without a ‘like’ matters in the grand scheme of things. If you don’t write ‘fuck’ in your piece, it is not that good. If there is no trauma, especially childhood trauma, to expose you are not an inspirational blogger.

No Drama = Dull.

I remember when I started blogging. I couldn’t wait to let my story spill out through the keyboard! It was absolutely magical when people would comment on my latest piece, respond to me! I had weeks of blogs pent up, ready to be “published” at a moments notice. I was hungry for the interaction. Petrified my post would not be well received and high on the idea, “I” may be able to help someone.

What a mind ‘fuck.’

The truth is, I am a chronically ill blogger who is getting worse, not better. ‘Likes’ and comments, or lack of either, positive and negative affect me. Research, I believe, is important. Words that rhyme is better left to others as is all formats of intentional prose. I do like to promote other bloggers that I find speak to me, enlighten me. I know using the word ‘fuck’ is a poor command of the English language, a cop out that I have used in the past.

I’m a blogger.

I wonder if I have hit a state of the sophomore blues? Some things don’t come out right. The reality of my freshman year is authentic; successes and fails. Maybe blogging isn’t for me? I know chronic illness isn’t really my bag, I suck at it. I am half way through my sophomore year of blogging. It is time to take out a mirror and re-visit my purpose for this blog.

Is my intent pure?

Are my words positive?

Am I a blogger worth reading?

Sometimes, I wish I were 21 again. At 21 years of age, ‘I knew it all.’ I was so sure of myself! My purpose and goals… what a joke. Now that I’ve hit 50, the only thing I know for sure; is that there is much I do not know.


I am willing to learn.





B&W, Seven Days Photo Challenge, 6&7

I was tagged by Jo, at Life in the Spectrum, to complete the seven days, black and white photo challenge! This is a new blog for Jo, (The Momentum of MoJo). It is wonderful, please check it out.

The rules are straightforward. Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.

Day #6 and day #7 I am going to include in this post. The 4th of July is upon us, so I will not challenge any more bloggers and instead wish you all a restful, peaceful, (except for fireworks – see a good show) happy 4th of July! Here are my last two pictures, I hope you enjoy!

Day #6


Day #7, final picture:


Thanks for the challenge, Jo!


Mind Field Monday

Vivir Mi Vida! (Live My Life!)

Get ready to feel like dancing!!! This video makes me move!




B&W Photo Challenge, Day #2

I was tagged by Jo, at Life in the Spectrum, to complete the seven days, black and white photo challenge! This is a new blog for Jo, (The Momentum of MoJo). It is wonderful, please check it out.

The rules are straightforward. Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.

Day #2: I challenge (tag) a blogger I have recently come across, Wendi at Simply Chronically Ill. She has a fresh, simple approach that allows me to exhale and search for my ‘self’ when I read her blogs. Give her a read!




B&W, Seven Day Photo Challenge! #1

I was tagged by Jo, at Life in the Spectrum, to complete the seven days, black and white photo challenge! This is a new blog for Jo, (The Momentum of MoJo). It is wonderful, please check it out.

The rules are straightforward. Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.

Day #1. I (tag) challenge …  The Woman, The Kitsukori Life … my friend “Kit” who teaches me about a brave heart and beauty of the struggle in life.



Before I Tripped Over a Stone, Fridays #21

If you’d like to catch up, please go to; Before I Tripped #20

Amy and I had everything packed. Two cars completely full, Amy’s 2 cats, and we each had a walkie-talkie; purple with yellow buttons. We would drive from Minneapolis to Seattle over a span of 3 days. Amy had gone to Triple AAA, and they had mapped out our route for us. Oh, the things we did in 1996 before home computers and cell phones!

Amy would be the pace car if she tapped her brakes twice, that meant to turn on the walkie-talkie she wanted to tell me something. As the car following, if I flipped my brights at her twice, that was my signal, turn on the walkie-talkie, I wanted to talk. We didn’t want to wear out the batteries, and we agreed to say “over” as we finished speaking to the other. And off we went!

(Somewhere in Montana… Amy again taping brakes, Kim again turning on the walkie-talkie.)

“Did you see that trucker cut me off! Over.”

“Yes. Over.”

“I almost died! …Over!” (and so it went…)

We drove with only minor mishaps! Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Western Washington, the Cascades, and then, finally… Seattle! (West Seattle to be specific!)

Our first week in our new apartment which we would learn later was on bullet alley across from crack row… (how do we end up in these areas?!?!) We had no furniture, so we purchased air mattresses, a futon and a bean bag chair with matching ottoman. We also bought two director chairs for the patio and a little matching table. We both got our driver’s licenses and set up bank accounts. My best friend Holly lived about an hour away and came for a visit! Our first visitor! Two weeks later we would both attend her wedding!


I loved this little complex, there was a pool, a weight room, a party room. The apartment itself was laid out quite nicely. If this was their idea of ‘a bad neighborhood,’ I was impressed. When we left Minneapolis, it had just been coined, ‘Murder-apolis.’ We only heard gunshots once while we lived in that apartment, and we were there for a little over a year.

We discovered micro-brews, fresh seafood, the Ballard Locks, Pikes Place Market, The Fishermans Warf, Post Alley, The Underground Seattle, the Space Needle and Mt Rainier. Amy landed a job with a temp. agency as a paralegal and I would start as an assistant director for a state-run work release after we attended my best friends wedding.

The Bishop Lewis House, State Work Release, downtown Seattle. I would work each shift to get to know the employees, then move to a permanent 2-10 swing shift. I was told after I reported for my first shift, my first priority was to shadow two problem employees. I was thinking I have 70 convicts and 12 staff to oversee and you are worried about 2 employees? My boss wanted them both gone, but I had other ideas…

(Continued, Before I tripped, #22)


The Slam Dunk Seven Symptoms of Fibromyalgia!

Fibromyalgia comes with so many symptoms and coexisting conditions it is difficult to know if you are suffering from issues directly related to fibromyalgia or a different illness. There are a few common symptoms of fibromyalgia that you can count on being by your side once you are diagnosed. Maybe not all, but here are The Slam Dunk Seven Symptoms;

  1. Pain.
  2. Fibro Flares.
  3. Fibro Fog.
  4. Depression.
  5. Headaches.
  6. Sensory Sensitivity.
  7. Digestive issues.

These seven are the slam dunk symptoms of what accompanies fibromyalgia. Let us be clear about these when we are asked about our disease. It gets messy when someone asks you to tell them what fibromyalgia is and you start listing off other chronic conditions and coexisting symptoms with your fibromyalgia symptoms. If we want to get the message out about Fibromyalgia Syndrome, list your Slam Dunk Seven Symptoms.

When you are asked specifically about your fibromyalgia symptoms stay on topic. This not only clears up the confusion, but it also shows you are knowledgeable about your disease. This goes for all types of chronic diseases. It gets confusing when you rattle off restless leg symptoms, rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, other pain symptoms, allergies, and all possible coexisting illnesses you have. These are no less important! These are illnesses you are battling right along with your fibromyalgia! When you are asked specifically about them that that is your invitation to spill more symptoms, as well as conditions.

We are continually researching and learning about our disease.  Things are changing as more attention is now being paid to this monster we call Fibromyalgia. What was once thought to be fiction is now fact. What was once called a “garbage can disease” is currently registered in the International Classification for Diseases Classification Manual with its very own diagnostic code, M79.9. Stay current! Knowledge is power and power affords us the ability to take charge of our fibromyalgia.

Live your best life!


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Happy Father’s Day to One of the Best!

A Man who grew up with no running water, no electricity, or heat. Now walking around in the age of computers and cellphones… I remember the day he brought home a “microwave” for my mother. All of us kids would watch that big, heavy, electric box cook as my mom would yell at us not to look at it for fear we’d go blind.

My dad was interviewed about his ‘roots’ and ended up on a YouTube special. Grab a cuppa, relax for 7 minutes, and have a peek into his boyhood family home that we have restored and still own today!

“A Place Called Home”


I love you, Dad!!!

FullSizeRender 87 Me and my Dad! (1995)



I am so grateful to all of you who have followed my journey in this blogging community that I have come to love. I want you to know I write this blog for you, not only for me, it is not solely mine. It is a  blog for those who ask for guidance, but it never seems to come. I write for those who want to have hope but find it is ever so fleeting. I write for those who simply want to be understood, but the cost of seeking out this understanding runs too high. So this is not just my blog, it is yours, too. My wish is to be a good steward and provide you with information, guidance, and understanding. In return, I welcome and receive all that you have given me. Your time, your comments, your blog posts. I am so lucky to have found this community!

Thank you so very much!

IMG_0206 I Tripped Over a Stone. ~Kim