After I Tripped; The Physical Therapist (Friday Series #3)

"Are you the car accident?"  Holy hell! She did not just say that to me! I had been waiting for twenty minutes as the physical therapist, I had an appointment to see, chatted happily with three other therapists in the gym. No other people, just those three. A few bewildered 'patients' finally wandered in and... Continue Reading →

Kill the Cobra!

So... the hubby and I are both working from home now. How nice, right? We have a strong relationship! I love him! I couldn't imagine a day without him, but this is incredibly 'different.' He has begun day trading, "options." I know about trading Forex, I am at a bit of a disadvantage with all... Continue Reading →

You Have a New Diagnosis!

The one thing that always bothers me about coming home from the hospital after an inpatient stay is the prompt, excessive billing with nothing to show for it. Can't they send me home with something? How about a new baby? Maybe that's asking too much. What about a puppy? A stuffed giraffe? Anything. There should... Continue Reading →

Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall.

Just as Humpty Dumpty had his big fall, so did I! As I reviewed 2018, I realized I was fighting not only frequent fibromyalgia flares since July, but my 51-year-old body was working through some harsh changes, illnesses, and despair. Eye-opener! I spent half of 2018 desperate for emotional as well as physical health! It... Continue Reading →


I made soup! I made soup. Cabbage roll soup. It is delicious and freezes up in smaller portions very well ... the point is, I am trying to re-engage in life. Healing from pneumonia that I have takes weeks, sometimes months. This virus has caused my fibromyalgia to flare with a vengeance. The fatigue itself is overwhelming.... Continue Reading →

The Chronic Illness Hell Flare.

"I will take charge of my illness it cannot be in charge of me." Before we begin, can I just explain how much I hate going to the doctor? I mean, getting ready? (Showering is hard but who wants to be the 'funky' patient?) The questions! When was your last period? Yes, the question they... Continue Reading →

Put on Your Big Girl Panties and Deal!

I am battling through 'something'... a new stage of fibromyalgia? Is this a 50 + club I have inadvertently joined? I have 2 decades of experience with this disease. Does anyone have a third decade under their belt? Did you notice any changes in your third decade? Anything that should be added to the Stages of... Continue Reading →

Nothing More.

I am a blogger. A simple blogger that happens to have fibromyalgia and a few of its cronies. I blog about chronic illnesses, mostly fibromyalgia. Sometimes a few additional "surprise!" pieces come together and grace this blog. But. I am a blogger. I just want to blog. I have things to say. I have "opinions."... Continue Reading →

The Purple Dress, Maybe the Navy?

Guess what day it is? Wedding Day! Yes, my nephew will be getting married at 4pm today. I must say, it is a beautiful day here in Minnesota. They have picked a wonderful venue, and on the invitation, it states this is a casual wedding. Casual... I am ten pounds heavier than I was last... Continue Reading →

I Need to Find the Entrance.

Its been a very difficult time, I am not going to lie. I am trying to find an exit. No. I am desperately trying to find an entrance (that's it). I need to re-enter my life again. I need to function as a whole person; wife, sister, daughter, friend ... I am struggling, but I am... Continue Reading →

I Almost Lost.

As I sit here, this morning, I need to write about something that makes me feel weak. This results in a feeling of embarrassment and shame. But neither of these feelings are mine to own. What I just went through is a fact of depression, not the exception. While this is still fresh in my... Continue Reading →

You Must Deconstruct to Reconstruct Your Life!

  I use to wonder if I would die from this Fibromyalgia Syndrome I have? Fibromyalgia in itself is not an autoimmune disease. An autoimmune disease is when your immune system attacks your healthy cells by mistake, you suffer from inflammation and chronic pain. Some autoimmune conditions even cause death. Fibromyalgia is not this. Fibromyalgia... Continue Reading →

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