And on the 8th day, I slept.

At 0930 I received an automatic voice message this morning; "Thank you for filling your prescriptions with our pharmacy, we want you to know the prescription items you ordered have shipped." Today is the 8th day I have been without my medications. I had a few rescue medications that I was able to use, but for the... Continue Reading →

Vitamins, yes or no?

Remember Flintstones chewable vitamins? I loved those vitamins. To me, they tasted like candy! Guess what? You can still take Flintstones vitamins and get a healthy combination of vitamins and minerals. These are vitamins for children and because they are for a child, they are a safe vitamin. If you want to blow off the rest... Continue Reading →

One Day I’ll Be A Ballerina

I was putting together my information for an upcoming doctor's appointment, and I realized I had never really explored my birth trauma. I went through it, but what was it? Really? A birth trauma that made me physically handicapped from the moment I took my first breath. My mother is diabetic, this means she was... Continue Reading →

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