It Matters to Him

My husband was a bit more concerned about this last little patch of depression I went through... he can't understand why I would ever doubt his love for me. He does know that depression is sneaky and it lies and that it is a disease that affects rational thinking. He knows it has to do with... Continue Reading →

But For a Child…

We see our world is filled with violence, fear, and death. The day shall arrive when a child will lead the wolf, lion, lamb, cobra, calf, and bear in peace without fear.  And it will be a day that is Good and Just.  ~Kim

The Husband That Wanted to Know

I really do not know where I am going with this post but I'll start by saying my husband asked me to "explain" myself ... he had a few questions. Our conversation went very much like this; Jeff asked, "How do you deal with me when you are always in pain?" I responded, "Well, I bitch... Continue Reading →

I’ve been Plagiarized!

Last Update: 11/7/2017. Angela Wise has retracted her apology and any acknowledgment of copying my writing... Update: 11/7/2017. Was acknowledged for writing the 7th stage with an apology that my name had been overlooked. That is all I wanted. Thanks to everyone who wrote her a comment, I appreciate your support. ~K. Update: 11/6/2017. Was finally... Continue Reading →

Get a Clue, I’m Not Your Opinion.

Everyone seems to have an opinion, but not all have a clue. Carefully and continuously decide who to surround your self with. Those who can influence your decisions and whose judgments you take to heart must be conscientiously chosen. The more public you become, the more vulnerable you become. Make good choices. You are the company you... Continue Reading →

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