School Shootings, “I” am Responsible.

It is Time to Replace "They" with "I." I grew up with guns in the home. My father was the city Mayor. Therefore Chief of Police for our small town. That job came with a gun and a badge. We were told never to touch the gun, and we did not. The adults in my family hunted.... Continue Reading →

Will You Fight for Me?

A while back I wrote about having to "make the dreaded call" to my doctor. Things were not going so well and I knew I was getting used to my medication. It just wasn't working anymore. So, time for new medications that come complete with side effects. The first two weeks are the worst, tapering... Continue Reading →

A Happy Face Belongs in The Chronic Illness Pain Scale

The last memorable time I was in the actual Emergency Room was in 2012. The nurse asked me to rate my pain... (oh, yippee). We know we are usually at a constant four. I haven't seen Mr. Happy Face for over 20 years. So I said a "10", and she asked if I was sure? I... Continue Reading →

May is Fibromyalgia Awareness Month, Really?

The National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day is May 12th... but I am going to celebrate all month long! May really is Fibromyalgia Awareness Month. I often wonder if we are to be appeased by recognition? It doesn't make me want to get out a banner and parade around like a beauty queen, "Hi, I am Mrs. Minnesota,... Continue Reading →

I am a Liar.

I lie. I wish I played poker because I have turned into such a good liar! I can lie! I could bluff a full house on a pair of twos. Really. Las Vegas, here I come, and I will win because I have developed a poker face. I can look you straight in the eye and tell you... Continue Reading →


Ok, the Quote Challenge is getting a little make-over. I was nominated by the incredible Susan at floweringink. Three quotes, and nominate three people all in one post! The Q.3! I have thought about all of the great quotes I've heard. Some I have written down and want to remember forever. The funny thing is, the... Continue Reading →

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