Tribe Bracelets

 It is time to find your tribe, I invite you!


I make ‘Tribe Bracelets!’ It is just me, making bracelets. When I am in pain, I escape by creating my ‘Tribe Bracelets.’

It is mind work.

It is healing…

These creations may not be perfect. When battling chronic pain, perfection is not a goal. These Tribe Bracelets are filled with good energy and tenacity, with strength in every knot.

I make two patterns; the knotted and the staircase.

These are not big and bulky; they are slim, minimalist, gender-neutral, boho; a fun piece to wear.

Tribe Bracelets are physical reminders of the strength you have to ‘get through’ the tough times.

Tribe Bracelets are to remember, you are not alone.

Tribe Bracelets are your worry beads, your wish bracelet, your grounding tool.

The colors I make…

  • Blues


  • Reds


  • Greens


Most of my bracelets have purple in them. Almost all. Purple is the color for Fibromyalgia Awareness. (What is Fibromyalgia? A chronic pain syndrome, there is no cure.)

Remember, these are gender-neutral. (Yes, my husband wears a Tribe Bracelet.)

If you’d like to purchase a set, you will receive one staircase pattern and a matching knotted pattern! (A set!)

The cost for one set of Tribe Bracelets is $6.50; this includes shipping and handling!

Remember to include your color preference; blues, reds, or greens (I’ll do my best, according to what I have on hand! Yay!)

(If you want to purchase a Tribe Bracelet set but do not have PayPal, email me.***)

Head to my PayPal page:


Just tie these on; however you prefer! Wrist and/or ankle! Wear them until they fall off or you want a new color! 

If you want to purchase a Tribe Bracelet set but do not have PayPal, remember to email me. We will get your order completed!***

I‘ll send you a unique set of Tribe Bracelets with your color preference included in the pattern. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, just email me! I’d love to answer you!!!

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